Caron and the Master of Crows

Lunadain 23rd Ambyrmont 1014 (Early Autumn) Early Afternoon

On the road from the troll cave heading east Jedon had found a strange sigil in the mud created by a group of harvest mice. The low clouds had left the noon-day world almost as dark as night. As the sigil was being studied a group of trolls approached from the west while from out of nowhere Abatu and Caron appeared.


Scale: 1sq = 10ft Click map to embiggen it

Initiative Order

  1. Mixnan
  2. Caron
  3. Dohrum
  4. Jedon
  5. Abatu
  6. Trolls
  7. Victor
  8. Thanduil
  9. Chang
  10. Hurvild

Round 1

After being attacked by Dohrum's Harrier, Abatu vanished seemingly into the grass itself. Caron's strange arms of sticks and leather thongs transformed into snakes and attacked Jedon while his strange soulless eyes sought out his friend Hurvild. Victor covered himself in fire while Hurvild lobbed a bomb towards the trolls

Round 2

Mixnan attacked the trolls with arrows while Caron continued to strike at Jedon with his snake-arms. Thanduil attacked with magic missiles while Hurvild was struck by the trolls before he could retreat. Once he had moved back a distance he lobbed another of his bombs which exploded violently.

Round 3

Mixnan moved to flank a troll, Jedon was attacked again by the snake armed Caron. Thanduil downed one of the trolls while Chang flew through the air and head-butted the other one.

Round 4

Mixnan taunted the troll but missed with his attack while Caron ceased his attacks and knelt before Jedon but the ranger was unable to strike him for some reason. Hurvild moved into the grass forest and vanished from sight amongst the vegetation. Thanduil bravely stepped forward to attack hand-to-hand.

Round 5

Jedon couldn't bring himself to attack the kneeling Caron, while Dohrum was knocked about by one of the trolls. The 'dead' troll regenerated enough to make a grab at Victor but forgot about the flames and died a second time. Chang and Thanduil combined to trip the other troll and Chang followed through to punch its lights out.

Round 6

With both trolls down Chang switched his attention to Caron, while Mixnan ran into the grass to search for Hurvild and Thanduil poured oil on the trolls while Victor continued to stab at the trolls.

Round 7 & 8

Mixnan called from the grass that he had found where Hurvild had gone. Thanduil watched the burning trolls while the others converged on Caron. concerted effort brought the corrupted cleric down, Jedon striking the final blow, but not before Chang was bitten.

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