The community of Timberfell grew up as a result of the logging industry in the region. The nearby forest provides ample timber for the mill that lies on a tributary of the Dragon River. Most of the timber is roughly shaped and processed before being sent to Safeharbour by barge or wagon. The folk of the village are hardy but friendly and community life is centred around the Knotty Ash inn.

Other industry includes a small forge and fur trading. The smith specialising in woodworking tools, horseshoes and iron rims for wheels. The fur trader has traps set through most of the forest and spends a lot of time away from Timberfell.
A couple of miles to the north is the main logging camp, the best timber nearer the village has now been felled.
The village is an easy day's ride from Sir Rupert's castle.

When the PCs arrive they find that the mages are not there. They travel north to the logging camp where they find a strange stature in a clearing.
They return to the inn with no other clues
D'mond, while searching the mage's room for clues in the Knotty Ash Inn, comes across a map, partially hidden beneath a chest.

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