The Vale of the Giants

Mixnan had climbed to the top of the ruined mill and had used his spy-glass to scan the area.

To the east you can see a stone bridge over the dried up stream bed that runs beside the mill. The grass looks less tall and dense along the bed of the stream but the way would be tough to drag the sled being strewn with rubble. A little further south and east is another clearing with a stand of stunted trees at the centre. To the east is a larger clearing with what appears to be a ruined village. A final clearing stands at a junction in the tracks at the centre of which is a large standing stone. One leg of the track continues east towards the tower while one heads south east towards a dense area of woodland. Beyond the junction the grass seems to fade away becoming more normal.

Sky-Fury Thanduil's familiar also scouted the area.

“I see no movement, nor anything to eat; the cover is too dense apart from a few open spaces. One has stone-man-nests, another dead trees and one has a single tall stone perch. Beyond the tall grass are trees and better hunting. Where do you wish me to go master?”

Scale: 1 hex=2 miles

The Ruined Mill & the Badger Sett [Hex 0204]

The Companions having found the ruined mill managed to lose Zan, possibly to a horde of Dire Badgers which they tracked back to their sett just a short distance from the ruined mill. However on closer inspection they found no sign of the missing bard.

The Blighted Copse [Hex 0606]

Jedon went to explore the copse and spotted Zan's flute hanging from a web. The tree was trapped and led to a series of caverns inhabited by spiders, ettercaps and moonflowers.

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