The Stair: Level 1

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As Chang studied the wall where he heard the sound of knocking a swirling cloud of dust and light appears, another materialised behind Thanduil. The clouds coalesced into the forms of a dark-skinned woman and a pale-skinned man with mismatched eyes. After an initial confrontation, Thanduil managed to calm the figures and they provided information. The Companions appear to be trapped on The Endless Stair.


1. A rectangular chamber about twenty feet by fifty. The is a door in the north wall but has been broken down. Beyond which you can glimpse a smaller chamber. The sound of knocking can still be heard and the wind can still be felt but it is hard to pinpoint where the sound comes from.
2a. Guard Room: This small chamber (ten foot by twenty foot) has iron doors set into the west, north and east walls. Each of the doors has a metal shutter at eye level. The north door has been bent open as if it had been made of toffee revealing a thirty foot by ten-foot cell.
2c. Occupied Cell: There is the corpse of a human male hanging from manacles above the bunk.


On the body Thanduil found some coins, short straw and a note:

“Find an entrance to The Stair; Descend until you find The One; Choose a Sacrifice; Bring The One to me in the Tower. Time is short and agents of The One are on your tail. Do not let them catch you. Baron J.”

Dohrum interviewed the corpse using a speak with dead spell.
“Who broke out?”
“The One that will open the gate to bring the Darkness.”
“Who broke him out?"
“My companions, servants of the Dragon Lord and the Darkness”, he glanced at the tattoo on his wrist and smiled.
“Who hung you here?”
“My companions, servants of the Dragon Lord and the Darkness, One for One, those that enter, those that leave.”
“What is this gate you speak of?”
“The one that will bring the great darkness from beyond the stars and before time, the Dead God Maanzecorian will return to guide us and bring us peace and order.”

On the wall near the source of the draught and knocking sound a riddle and a handprint were found:
“It sleeps for years, then suddenly wakes,
It shifts in its bed, its body shakes.
Red blood flows, but soon turns black.
Then sleeps again, but may come back”

Thanduil deduced that this might have the answer "Volcano"

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