Stonemason's Yard

This large, robust stone building was home to the local stonemasons, kept busy during the year building and fixing the many structures of the town which were often damaged by the violent winter storms. One of the masons also had an artistic bent and used one of the fine grained stones of the mountain to carve statues and other decorative features which he transported back to Safeharbour and other larger settlements several times a year.

1. Carving Room

This large room used to be where the masons worked when the weather was too foul to operate outside. The stone floor is scored and chipped and piles of fine stone dust clog the corners. Now however mismatched tables and chairs, along with wooden bunks (all taken from the inn and other dwellings in Horfid) fill the room and a stale odour of the unwashed permeates the air. A couple of large chests and a wooden spiral stair are the only other points of interest. This appears to be the bunk-house for the Enforcers.

The chests are unlocked, not trapped and empty of all but spare clothes and bedlinen.

2. Master Mason's Chambers

This is where the master mason would have eaten and taken his rest. A ladder leads up to the 1st floor and a door leads to his bed chamber. A table with three stools fills much of the floor space.

These rooms have been commandeered by the leader of the Enforcers.
The door to the bedchamber is locked
Simple Wooden Door: Hardness 5; 10hp; Break DC15; Lock DC 20

3. Master Mason's Bedchamber

A bed and a large chest fill most of this room. The room is tidy and clean. The chest is not locked and contains spare clothes and bedlinen.

4. Viewing Gallery

From here the master mason could watch what was progressing on the craving floor. A 3' high railing runs around the perimeter of the gallery.

5. Drawing Office

The master mason would have prepared drawings and met with clients here. A large table and several sets of drawers are the main furnishings.
In the drawers are numerous plans and drawings for building works and other less functional items such as fountains and statues.

On the table are several documents; one shows a rough plan of some underground construction the other is a letter written in large runic symbols.

The plan is a rough, unlabelled map of the vent. The other document is a letter written in giantish.

Hurzed, we have received the merchandise and passed it on to our cousin, Chief Nosnra. Please tell your masters what you wish done with it and when you want it passed along the chain. We hope you have dealt with the meddlesome agents of the confounded Kesryk and we can continue with our Lord's plan. May you be blessed in Moreldrak's dark eye. Surtur.

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