Slavers' Camp

The stockade now occupied by a group of slavers is about 1/2 a mile from the Safeharbour's Kingsgate. It had fallen into disrepair after being abandoned some time before. The only nearby building, an inn, burnt down in mysterious circumstances a few years before and has a reputation for being haunted. The dense woodland hides the stockade from the main north-south road and most people had forgotten that it ever existed. A track leads from the camp to a secluded sandy bay where shallow keeled vessels can be beached.

1. North Guard Tower
This wooden tower some twenty feet high has seen much repair. The structure is a patchwork of new and old timber. It is capped with a 3' high parapet of timber allowing ½ cover for archers who stand above it. It used to have an internal floor for archers halfway up but this has rotted away and now access to the roof is by a rickety wooden ladder.
2. South Guard Tower
This tower is identical to the North Guard Tower but is if anything, in worse repair.
3. West Guard Tower
There is no gate at this end of the stockade but the tower gives a good view over the western approach. Trees have been cleared giving a good field of view. It is identical in structure to the North and South Guard Towers.
4. The Stockade
The Stockade is a low artificial mound surrounded by a dry moat. A 10' high palisade of sharpened tree trunks forms a formidable barrier around the mound. A wooden drawbridge crosses the ditch and this can be raised (it takes about 3 minutes for two men to wind the drawbridge up) to double the strength of the wooden gate. The double gate is a recent construction the older one having rotted many years ago. The stockade was originally the home of the Forest Rangers that patrolled the forests and surrounding hills during the War of Independence. The stone fort that stood on the mound was razed to the ground after the siege led by one of the First's favoured generals. It has recently been taken over by a group of slavers who have used it as a holding base for their cargoes before they are taken away by sea from the nearby cove. The place is almost forgotten and no one has noticed its renovation.
5. The Ditch
The Ditch is some 8' deep and only contains water after heavy rain. Most of the time it contains a sticky mixture of mud, leaves and branches that slows any that try to attack the castle.
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