Dragontooth Island

Dragontooth Island is one of the smaller Pearl Islands that stretch along the south-eastern coast of Celidor. It was here that the party of adventurers sent by Baron Jubfek caught up with the companions. The companions were set down here to collect materials to repair the Flower of the West after it was damaged in a storm. While exploring the island they found an old treasure map in the backpack of a long dead sailor.

After following the trail to the summit of the mountain they found a cave, in which was the skeleton of a dragon. Jedon retrieved a golden arrow from the dragon's eye while Dohrum took a helmet from the beast's belly. As this was happening the PCs were surprised by a group of barbarian halflings who captured them and took them back to their village. Here they had to fight the village champion, an ogre, or die. Jordan, who speaks ogre, having been brought up by them, colluded with the ogre so all managed to escape and return to the ship.


Sandy Bay

The small bay has a shallow beach between the two tall, rocky headlands. Towering over the beach is the tall mountain that gave the island its name. At the strand line amongst the seaweed and driftwood lie bottles, short lengths of rope and larger fragments of wood. The sand is smooth and the only footprints are your own. Mussels and limpets cling to the rocks while crabs scuttle in pools left by the last tide.

The Forest

The forest is comprised of a mixture of conifers and broadleaf trees. The ground underfoot is rugged and uneven, with many gullies hidden by gorse and saplings. Birds can be heard calling in the trees, rough raucous calls.

The Mountain

The mountain is steep but there is sufficient hand and footholds to make climbing possible but not easy. Clumps of wildflowers and tough grasses along with a few wind blasted trees cling to the rock in more sheltered locations. A stiff breeze from the sea swirls around the mountain.

The Cave

The cave ceiling rises steeply once you pass through the 10' high opening and triples in width to 60'. The floor is littered debris that cracks and shatters as you walk around. At the rear of the cave, you find the remains of a dragon. Embedded in one of its eye sockets is a golden headed arrow. Fragments of hide remain on the wings and torso of the wyrm indicating that it was a gold dragon of great age and size. If it ever had a treasure horde, this cave was not where it was kept.
Four strangely dressed halflings jump up from amongst the shadows at the fringes of the cave. They wear rough pelts under chest protectors made from sea shells and wield spears tipped with fragments of obsidian and shell. They have long beards and hair matted with salt and grime. They shout at you in a strange tongue that is difficult if not impossible to decipher.

The Halfling Village

Inside the buildings are dark and smoky. Sleeping pallets are arrayed down each of the long sides and a smoky fire is set upon stone slabs in the centre of the hut. Roasting over the pit is a large boar stuffed with herbs and vegetables.

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