Regional Map: The Western Realms

The Western Realms - Regional Map

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What Everybody Knows

…Or at least thinks they know. 250 years ago King Karaz, the last ruler of a united Western Realms died and left the kingdom to his sons Doral and Bormar. Within ten years war had broken out between the two brothers and the realm was split in two. This weakness has not been lost on the neighbouring powers.

The North Lands

Barbaric tribesmen or gifted craftsmen? It depends who you ask. Those ships that brave the ice and rough seas to visit the ports on the Dragon Ocean would probably say the latter. Walrus tusk and gold crafted into intricate works of art can be had for reasonable prices. Furs and skins, amber and smoked fish, pine resin and good timber are the other resources that this vast cold land is rich in. On the other hand if you ask those that live in the villages along the boarder then they will call the same people sheep stealers, cattle rustlers and worse.

Notable locations include the Dark Forest where the gods are said to manifest in the forms of boar, stag and walking trees and the Grim Steppes, an frozen realm of deep snow, sheets of ice and barbaric giants.

There is no single ruler, no one capital. The North Lands are a loose alliance of Jarldoms with shifting boundaries and bloody feuds.


Doralin is the nation founded by the younger of Karaz's two sons Doral. Its capital, Miraz, lies on an easily defensible peninsula. The city is an ancient one, possibly dating from before the founding of the Western Realms. The current King, Rintaul is no more than a puppet and while he tends the plants in the palace gardens the Regents hold the real power.


The capital of Bormaris, Karazburgh was the Winter Palace of Karaz. During the cold winters he and his court would move south to Karazburgh and hold court here. The land here is fertile and warm most of the year. The city has not changed much since those days although it has spread out beyond the original walls as more people have moved into the area. The country is now ruled by the Conclave, a group of reclusive mages and clerics each representing a small city state.


There is one distinct area in which few humans, elves, dwarves, giants or halflings live. The jungles and swamps of Coranos. The hot humid air, the thick vegetation and low lying swamps criss-crossed by meandering watercourses are the home to the serpentfolk. Tall with tough scaly skin in various shades of green, brown, gold or a mottled combination of all three they would strike fear into any who saw them. Walking on two knobbly legs which end in 3 toed feet, each toe ending in a curved claw. Their fore limbs are short but strong with nimble fingers. Their faces are narrow with long snouts full of sharp serrated teeth from between which a long red forked tongue flicks out, ceaselessly tasting the air. It is said that the serpent folk are the most magically adept of all the races of the Western Realms. None that have ventured into the jungles have returned to tell whether this is true or not. They despise the Tabaxi that live in the drier forest south of the coast as the feline creatures used to be their masters.

The jungles of southern Coranos are dense and almost impossible to penetrate. Within these forests live the Leopard Men or as they call themselves Tabaxi. They mistrust and avoid contact with others especially the Serpent Folk who enslave them whenever they can. They are graceful and intelligent, artistic and cultured. These feline like humanoids tell tales of a long lost Tabaxi civilisation that existed in the Western Realms long before humans arrived. They have no love for the serpent folk of the Jungle Coast and are constantly at war with them.

The Sundered Coast

This is an area of ruined towns and fractured rocks. No ships dock at the canted quays, no one lies in the roofless buildings. That is unless you belive the tales and the ghosts of the Ancients walk the streets and travel the Great Ocean in their sail-less ships.

The Great Eastern Empire

This is merely a tongue, an out-streatched arm of the empire that circles the Great Ocean. It does not trade with the Western Realms, they have nothing it needs and are too poor and primitive to afford any of the goods that are produced in the Empire. In the past a Khan has considered invading the Western Realms but some internal matter has always diverted their attention away from such a trivial act.

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