People in Timberfell

Tarren Trasker


Tarren is the younger and more somber of the two mages the party meet at Sir Rupert's castle. he tends to dress in shades of grey though his clothes are no lesser in quality than his companion Velinax. His manner is more polite than his companion but he still tends to look down his nose at non-mages. His most striking feature is the heavily oiled beard that juts out from his chin like a dagger.

Velinax the Vermilion


Velinax is an arrogant man, who tends to talk down to all those who are not fellow mages. He dress in a striking fashion, bright red robes with a steel grey collar that curves up behind his head. His bald head is decorated with a bold tattoo of a black dragon.
The companions met him at Sir Rupert's castle and he has invited them to join with him and his partner Tarren, in the hunt for a beholder. Sir Rupert has encouraged this as he believes that the beholder may be holding the First prisoner.

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