People in Safeharbour

Arbet Garch


Arbet Garch is one of the First's Questioners, a torturer by any other name. His bald head bears the faded remnants of numerous slave marks. He was never a willing slave and was sold frequently between the rich merchants of Bormaris. Eventually he killed his last master and found his way into the company of the First. His striking features mean he is well known about town. He has few enemies; those that come to hate him for what he does are dead or imprisoned at the First's pleasure. The general population knows what he is and what he does but turns a blind eye. His many beatings have left him stiff and sometimes he has difficulty rising from a seated position, especially on cold, damp days.



Elus is a sage whose interests centre on flora, mosses, ferns, grasses and grains in particular. He has a passing interest in medicine and history.He speaks many languages (Common, gnoll, terran, halfling, ignan, gnomes, orc, infernal elven and dwarven) which he has picked up in his travels. He can also Brew Potions but only those pertaining to curative actions (healing, removing poisons and curses for example). He is not fully adept at this and there is a chance of failure. Strangely he is allergic to his own remedies and potions. He is obsessed with preventing something from happening in the future, the return of Moreldrak. However he does not know exactly when this event will happen. He just knows that sometime in the future the First will be overthrown by the evil Moreldrak. He tells nobody about this for fear that they will think him mad, but he searches through whatever tomes he has for a way of preventing it. He will take coins, gems and interesting tomes in payment for his work. He can also track and is quite tough. He lives in a single room apartment strewn with books and scrolls. Bundles of drying plants hang from the rafters. A collection of herbs grows in a window box. He also produces truth serum for Arbet Garch. He is untidy, not through laziness just through having more important things to do. His fingers and face are spotted with ink stains.

Madam Velila


Madam Velila runs the Scarlet Feather brothel which lies above the slaver's main safe house and current base of operations. Scardovari let's her take the pick of any pretty girls he manages to acquire. The rest of his 'cargo' is stored in the cells below the brothel or in one or other of the safe houses around the city. The girls are given potions of forgetfulness which Scardovari has shipped in from Bormaris. In some ways the girls are lucky not to be going to Bormaris and Velila runs a tight house so it is very rare for any of the girls to be hurt by any of the patrons. She is as slender as a willow switch and has highly defined cheek bones. She is however no weakling. She cares for little other than her own welfare, she will shop anyone who threatens her position and standing.

Madam Velila appears to have perished in the fire that destroyed the Scarlet Feather on the night of the 27th Fyrmont, along with all her charges.



Sanaise is the owner and barkeep of the Three Dragons in Safeharbour. It's position on the quayside means that it is usually busy with a mixture of clientèle. It is a clean inn and rarely requires the attention of the North Dock Militia. Sanaise however is another kettle of fish, in fact some say that is what he smells of, the innkeeper having a rather unique approach to personal hygiene. He is a large man normally dressed in stained and patched tunic and hose. He is rather nervous of authority and is slightly forgetful.



Scardovari is at the hub of several legal and illegal business dealings in Safeharbour.The agents of the First and the militia had infiltrated his organisation but he feels he has eliminated the last of them now. He is now more concerned in re-establishing his reputation and power base in the seedier parts of the city. Physically he appears unusually frail but this is just a front. He has a wiry strength and agility that often surprises would be assailants. He has respect for those in the militia that he had eliminated, they almost had him fooled for a while and he admires those that have gained positions of power though their own efforts rather than by luck or birth. He is highly organised, everything has it's place and he gets irritated by those that leave mess behind them. He can be harsh to those that fail him. His tongue is a vicious weapon and he lashes out at those subordinates that let him down. This can range from a verbal dressing down, a whipping or even death depending upon his mood. He is currently on the look out for new members to strengthen the guild, there are too many low level members at present and he would also like to do some infiltrating of his own.

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