People on The High Seas

Captain Caduach - Captain of the Flower of the West


Seamus Caduach is tall and broad with a mane of rust red hair. He is most certainly not softly spoken and he does not suffer fools gladly. On ship he dresses in practical, hard wearing leather wool, with a fur-lined sealskin cloak for journeys into northern waters. Ashore he is more likely to dress in stylish linens and silks though he seems a little uncomfortable in these garments.
He is the leader of the Sailors' Guild, one of the main trading groups in the city of Safeharbour. The Sailors Guild is interested in safety and security for its members and lower landing taxes. On this latter point the Merchant Union is agreed. They are also interested in keeping organised thieves out of the city.

Captain Vai Captain of the Black Page


Captain Vai is a muscular yet sinuous man with small dark brown eyes almost hidden in the shadow cast by his long thin nose. He is the captain of the Black Page a ship with a fearsome reputation. This is how he describes himself.
"I am a privateer. I work for no one but myself. Others may hire me for a voyage or two but most of the time I buy what I can and ship it where it is needed. I salvage what I can from ships that have met with accidents in these treacherous waters and claim rewards for those I rescue, but if truth be told there are few of them."

Others would call him a pirate, a slave trader, a murderer. A final trait is that he is a shape-shifter, a were-shark to be precise. The rest of his crew are also shape-shifters, some have been forced into his service by the use of tainted healing potions. Verlis has fallen victim to this foul trick but as yet has not undergone a transformation.

Ervird - Bosun of the Flower of the West

Sallow complexion for someone who spends his life at sea. other than that he is of average build and has close cropped hair of a non-descript brown.

Toppi - Captain Caduach's Cabin Boy

Toppi has served aboard the Flower of the West for little more than a month. He gained his Deckboy tattoo while in Avonmouth and the top of his left-arm is still bandaged.

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