People from Elsewhere

The PCs have met many people on the road as they have travelled from Avondale to Safeharbour and beyond.



The strange bird-man who has captured Aleanor and Zan and has changed Hurvild's companions into strange half-golems.


Owner of the Greenwood Inn



Kethlanna in her natural form is as beautiful as a dryad. Slender of waist, full of breast with short cropped auburn hair surrounding a heart shaped face. She tends not to be seen this way however, she uses her bone Ring Of Harmlessness to make her appear to be a hideous crone.

A follower of Ordanna she does her best to protect the forest and it's inhabitants but it is a difficult job.
When she senses people coming to visit her she moves from her tree to a small damp, dark cave amongst rocks and puts on her Ring of Harmlessness.


Stable-boy at the Greenwood Inn


Cook at the Greenwood Inn


Orto was a mad Dwarf, with one piercing blue eye and one pure white. His pox ridden face is surrounded by short cropped red hair and beard. He had imprisoned Simon and Delmundo and was forcing them to produce plague spores in revenge for his own sufferings from the dread disease. He was tortured and killed by Larnir before the latter disappeared.

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