The Merchants and the Hill

The companions have found the strange heated road that supposedly leads towards the castle of the giants. As they settled down for the night Chang and Jedon discovered a strange pair of merchants, a shack, a chained bear and a horse still in the traces of a wagon.

Having had an odd conversation the companions left the road and climbed a low hill to settle down for the night. Towards dawn the two merchants approached asking for food and clothes.

However when rebuffed by the heroes the merchants shed their skins revealing horrific insubstantial creatures. Worse two more were approaching from the rear!

Update 26/09/2015
Chang managed to destroy one of the last two creatures but the other bit Victor as the rest of the companions moved in for the kill


The blue circle represents the Magic Circle vs Evil cast upon Jedon. The green circle represents the Consecrate spell cast upon D'mond

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