Notable Figures

The Companions have met or are aware of a number of important people in their adventures so far, including:

The First


No one knows the First's real name, it is just an alias he took while gathering his armies and few still remain alive from that time.

He is a highly charismatic leader who believes in the rule of law, he is hard but fair in his dealings.
In recent years he has become more moody and introspective, possibly due to his inability to father a child to whom he would leave the Free Isles. He believes he has been cursed possibly by the Priest Princes of Doralin or one of his other enemies.

His closest allies are Lord Kesryk, General Montella and Castellan Dalyor

He is seen here, in a painting by Thaddius Le'Strange, carrying "Daemon Blade'. Shaped like a bolt of lightning this blade was captured from a tanar'ri lord in battle. It is said to have several magical powers though the First has neither confirmed nor denied this.

There are rumours that he has vanished. He has not been seen in public for several months and the people are getting restless.

Lord Kesryk


He is in his early 60s but is still a striking figure, tall with thick, tightly curled, silver grey hair contrasting strongly with his dark skin. For a mage he is strangely pious. A former housemaid told of a shrine to an unknown deity in a small private chapel within his house. Unusually for a mage he never studied at Poppleton and rumours abound about his origin. One speaks of Kesryk, stepping out of a gateway in the air near Avondale some forty years ago.

He never speaks of his childhood or where he came from, though sometimes he utters words in an unknown tongue. He moved to Safeharbour where he became a mage in the service of the First. His title of Lord Guardian was given to him by the First after the assistance he gave during the struggle for freedom. He divides his time between his tower in Avondale and his rooms in the Royal Palace in Safeharbour.

It is Lord Kesryk that has put the Companions on the trail of the First while the mage covers for his absence.

Sir Rupert O'Tower


Sir Rupert is the respected Captain of the Kingstower Garrison. Well liked and trusted by his men he has served the First for over a dozen years, and has the scars to prove it. A flash of grey hair hides a scalp wound taken in a battle with hobgoblin raiders. He favours loose sleeves to protect the skin of his arms that were badly burnt by the acidic secretions of a grey ooze encountered deep in a ancient temple. He owns a manor and lands north of Safeharbour but spends most of his time in the city, leaving the running of his lands to his wife. He keeps an eye open for likely adventurers as the area around his manor is littered with ancient ruins, the lairs of monstrous beasts and is tainted with a dark and nameless evil. Sir Rupert chose this area for precisely this reason, much to the exasperation of his brave and long suffering lady, as he believes himself to be incorruptible. A number of the ruins have been cleared out by adventurers hired by Sir Rupert but there are many more still to be dealt with.

Baron Jubfek


The baron is a reclusive figure. In fact since the untimely death of his father and elder brother in a hunting accident 20 years ago little has been seen of him. He is a about 45 and like all Jubfek's he has jet black hair and grey eyes. An accomplished archer and rider he served for a time in the Free Islands defensive force.

He has become obsessed in recent times with aquiring the Jubfek Talisman, owned by an ancestor and buried with him in the family mausoleum. Finding that he could not enter the tomb himself he sent a group of adventurers to retrieve it for him. When they did not give it to him as was the agreement he sent another party to find them and bring the Talisman back to him. Since then the adventurers have joined together increasing the Baron's ire. Since then he has found out more regarding the talisman which is more properly known as Ordana's Ward.

He has an intense hatred of elves which was increased by being stabbed by Crystala a half-elf rogue who used to accompany Zan and the others.

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