Magic Items

This page will detail any non-standard (i.e. not in the 3rd Edition DMG) magic items.

Armour & Sheilds



Strong Dwarf Spirits

It is a little-known fact that if flasks of strong dwarf spirits are kept well sealed, in a dark room for many years there is a chance that they will mature into something quite extraordinary. While the majority of the bottles will contain nothing more than a few mouthfuls of throat-burning alcohol, one in four will instead summon forth a dwarven spirit who will obey the commands of the person who opened the flask. The spirit will remain only for a few rounds before vanishing leaving behind nothing more than a scent of juniper, coriander and cucumber in the air.
The duration of the spell depends on the wisdom and race of the person who opened the flask: for dwarves, the duration is 2d4+WIS bonus, elves WIS bonus only, other races 1d4+WIS bonus. In all cases, the spirit will remain for a minimum of one round.

Type: Potion
Usable By: All
GP Value: 1000gp
Source: Home Brew






Wondrous Items

Scroll of Creation

The user of this valuable scroll may draw a picture of any normal item up to 5' by 10' by 1' in size (though drawn much smaller) and up to 5,000 coins weight. The item may then be taken off the scroll and used. Magical items cannot be created, nor can live things, but all types of armour and weapons, for example, are quite easily created. The item vanishes either on command of the
creator or after 24 hours. The scroll can create one item per day only.
Type: Wondrous Item
Usable By: All
GP Value: 20000gp
Source: D&D Rules Cyclopaedia

Silvertail's Nimblers

The fingers on these simple silk gloves stop at the first knuckle, but tiny straps cinch each finger-hole tight to the hand wearing them. These gloves allow you to make untrained Disable Device and Sleight of Hand checks and give you a +2 enhancement bonus to such attempts.
Type: Wondrous Item (Glove Slot)
Usable By: All
GP Value: 675gp
Source: The Genius Guide to Loot 4 Less #5: Gloves

Vainamoinen's Belt

This leather and copper belt has a buckle shaped like a cloud crafted from gold. It once belonged to the great human hero Vainamoinen who served the giants as a bard and was rewarded for his golden tongue with this belt.
It grants the wearer of the belt the strength of a cloud giant [35] for 1 round for every 2 levels each day.
Type: Wondrous Item (Belt Slot)
Usable By: All
GP Value: NA
Source: TSR's Gods, Demigods, & Heroes

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