The Dwarven Kingdom of Dal Skyr


Area: 267 square miles
Total Population: 9857

Important Settlements

Dal Skyr Stronghold (City): 710 (610 Mountain Dwarves, 40 Duergar, 20 Gully Dwarves, 30 Hill Dwarves)

Dal Skyr


Dal Skyr was built four dwarven generations ago, one of the first to be built after the Ancients were driven from the land by the dwarven and human armies. It has been ruled by the same dwarven family all that time and now Naric IV sits upon the iron throne. They have tended to be friendly towards the other people of the Isles, after all they have to sell their goods to someone. Times are getting harder now however, the once rich seams are now not so easy to mine. New sources of wealth are harder and harder to find.


The dwarves have always maintained a strong armed militia even in peace time. Currently it stands at about three hundred dwarven fighters and battle-clerics.

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