Inside The Howe

Each Square = 5 feet

1: Entrance Passage

The entrance passage behind the Phase Door and illusion narrows from thirty feet to ten over a distance of fifty feet. The floor comprises irregular but even flagstones and the walls are stone neatly laid. The capstone is formed of several large stones supported by the walls. The passage slopes gently down towards the north. At the far north end of the entrance passage, the way is blocked by a solid stone door.

2: Forked Passage

This chamber has a pair of corridors, each 10’ wide running off to the north, one from the western end and one from the eastern end. It and the corridors are faintly illuminated by lanterns hanging close to the ceiling. Each lantern gives off a soft white radiance. The western passage has several doors set into its western wall.


The lights start to move then suddenly attack with bolts of electrical energy! After blasting Dohrum and Victor with lightning bolts, two of the lights were extinguished by Aleanor tossing a weighted wire net over them, the net having been created by Thanduil.
The remaining two lanterns then changed from cool blue to a sickly green colour. After blasting several members of the party with acid they turned red and attacked Jedon and Mixnan with fire before finally being dispatched.

3: Prison Cell

A pair of uncomfortable bunks and a bucket in need of emptying are the only furnishings in this dark cell which held Zan and Aleanor.

4: Prison Cell

This cell contains many incomplete copies of Zan, Aleanor and Hurvild as well as other figures that the party don't recognise. One copy of Zan seems to be partially sentient muttering and twitching.

5: Prison Cell

This cell is empty though it does show signs of recent occupation. A plate with a few scraps of food, a bucket, rank with human waste and a cot with a blanket carelessly tossed on the floor.

6: Private Quarters

Mixnan found a lever set into the western wall and pulling it caused a well-hidden secret door to open by sliding silently into the floor. Beyond the opening is a room containing a bed, a table with chairs, a desk, a wardrobe and a bookcase. On entering the room Thanduil studied the sconces which blossomed into a warm, welcoming light.
On further investigation, a curtain-shrouded mirror was discovered. After much reflection1 Chang pulled back the curtain to fully reveal the mirror and a strange column of light formed in front of the mirror.
Once the curtain is replaced, the light dims and goes out after a round or two. Pulling the curtain back again causes the column of light to reappear.

7: The Dead End?

The 'trap' in the floor appears actually to be a pressure pad to open a door in the north wall that leads to stairs and a corridor on the lower level. Mixnan checked the stairs for traps as he descended and found no traps.

8: The Junction

At the foot of the stairs, the corridor turned to the west and then south to another flight of stairs while to the east there was another stone door. Chang and Mixnan checked the door and the monk opened it revealing a short corridor and another door.
Mixnan pulled a 10' pole from his bag of holding and used it to test the floor towards the door at the end of the corridor.

9: The Feast Hall

This is a large square chamber, some forty feet on each side is dominated by a long banqueting table groaning under the weight of food displayed on ornate gold platters. Richly coloured tapestries cover the stone walls. A huge roaring fireplace in the south wall fills the chamber with warmth. The air is redolent with the scent of fragrant wood smoke, roast meat and sweet music. Everything is on a giant scale, table, chairs and fireplace are about twice the normal size. The ceiling is decorated with the sky at night and is supported by four undecorated pillars. The pillars are however entangled in sickly green vines growing from broken stone floor slabs.

The tapestry at the west end of the table depicts a ferocious, legendary beast. Chalk graffiti covers the lower half of the tapestry,

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