The Pit at the Heart of Horfid

The Pool Chamber

The chamber is roughly 40’ long in a NE-SW direction and 20’ wide at its narrowest point. A pool of water fills most of the chamber and the sound of falling water can be heard both from the north and the west. A stream, about 5’ wide flows in through a passage to the south west and out through a low, narrow opening in the north. A third, low, narrow passage exits the chamber to the east. All the walls are coated with patches of the strange resinous ichor you have grown to associated with the illithid and this gives off a faint violet glow, just enough to illuminate the chamber, but not to dispel all the shadows. The room slopes gently from west to east.

Strangely the walls of the chamber are decorated with the rotted remains of tapestries, the designs long lost to damp and decay. The remnants of a large fire are scattered about the floor in which fragments of gilded wood can be seen.

The pool bubbles strangely and the air is filled with a strong briny scent, the water is cloudy and it is hard to judge the depth. Partially submerged in the pool are the rusted remains of a strange metal contraption.

Passing along the eastern, narrow but dry passage, then turning right the passage is obstructed by a shear wall of rock some forty feet high, the passage may continue at a higher level but from here it is impossible to see.

The Fungal Forest

The side junction opens up into a chamber which contains a veritable forest of large fungi, each about five to six feet high. Some are moving slowly around, plucking small, blind cave beetles from the walls and feeding them to the more sedentary examples.

The Pest Hole

Here the walls draw apart and the ceiling rises up to form a larger cavern. Dimly illuminated by patches of purple slime on the wall much of the floor appears to be covered in the small bones of little creatures and the carapaces of beetles which crunch underfoot. Narrow passages lead off to the south-east and south-west. Jedon paused as he thinks he may have spotted something at the bottom of the pit.

Volcanic Bubbles

The floor of this chamber is domed and slopes from the centre to the edges. It is also rough as if formed from numerous burst black bubbles. Near the centre is a single unburst bubble. Something glints in several of the bubbles. There are no other exits visible from this chamber.

Shadows' Lair

This triangular room, some 20' to each face has walls carved by some freakish force of nature into the semblance of screaming faces and tortured twisted forms. Passages leads south and east from the entrance, sloping gently upwards.

Xorn Nest

The rock ground in this chamber appears to have been tilled as if ready for planting. The black, glassy rock of the walls has been smoothed removing all the sharp protruding edges of some of the other chambers as if by many tools.
This is the nest of a Xorn and contains the creature's eggs. The Xorn, B’duemmoo, appears to be friendly but protective of its eggs.

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