The Town of Horfid

This small town (2,000 residents before the conditioning, now about 100 survivors total) was called Horfid, a lively place once sustained by trade, hunting, and animal husbandry. Now, it's called Thrall Processing Node #512, and it stands as an example of what would have occurred in Safeharbour if the Companions hadn't discovered and stopped the illithids' conditioning program.

Unfortunately, no one came to this town’s rescue. Hidden illithid agents conditioned a large block of Horfid’s population through mass psionic suggestion. These enthralled people, calling themselves the New Believers (similar to the Elect in the city of Safeharbour), killed those citizens resistant to mental brainwashing; wives turned on husbands, apprentices on masters, and the masses turned upon the constabulary. The illithids gathered survivors into the stockade for processing. Horfid was no more.

Most of the buildings are now derelict with only a few near the vent still occupied by the illithids, the Enforcers and those people that the illithids have a use for as thrall.

The streets are completely empty of any passers-by, and the buildings, businesses, warehouses, and residences appear quite deserted. Unfortunately, human bodies lie frozen in the town’s streets, their bloated skin blue-black with frost and most of them have gaping holes in their skulls and no brains!

The last remaining free thinkers in the city are Lethbron Brosial and her band of survivors. Lethbron and her allies did not flee the city when the illithids took it over. Rather, they hid from their former friends and family, and now they wage a desperate war against the illithids and their conditioned Enforcers. These freedom fighters never stay in one abandoned building long, as the illithids are aware of their presence and sometimes send out patrols to deal with them. Lethbron's goal is to slay as many of the conditioned citizens as possible. In fact, she often remarks: "Better dead and free, then a mind flayer thrall" She and her band are quite fatalistic and fully expect their own deaths to come from this cause.

The Companions have met Lethbron who is guarding the enforcer that Chang and Aleanor captured. He seems to have broken out of the illithid conditioning and has provided the Companions with a map of the town centre.

The Courtyard Inn is now a stockade where the remaining villagers are held captive. The former jeweller's shop is a processing plant where the survivors are evaluated and either turned to thrall to work in the vent or relegated to food for the illithids. The former stonemason's workshop is now the base for the enforcers including the brutish Hurzed, their leader.

North of Stonemason's Yard is a low stone building seeming coated in a skin of purple, resinous material similar to what the companions found beneath Safeharbour in the illithid's lair.

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