History & Geography

The Calendar

The year is divided into twelve months each with twenty eight days. Each month begins with the rising of the New Moon.

Nuwmont - Mid Winter
Vatermont - Late Winter
Thaumont - Early Spring
Flaurmont - Mid Spring
Yarthmont - Late Spring
Klarmont - Early Summer
Felmont - Mid Summer
Fyrmont - Late Summer
Ambrymont - Early Autumn
Sviftmont - Mid Autumn
Eirmont - Late Autumn
Kaldmont - Early Winter


The lands of the western realms have a long and violent history and things haven't become any more peaceful in recent years.


A description of some of the more important regions of the Western Realms:


The coinage commonly used in the Isles is a mixture of coins left over from they days of Imperial rule and those newly minted since independence. The largest coin in common circulation is the platinum 'Emperor'. Older coins have a picture of one of the old rulers of the united Western Realms but newly minted coins have the visage of the First. The obverse of the new coins shows a map of the Free Isles while pre independence coinage have a picture of the palace in Karazburgh. The gold 'Crown' is the next largest denomination coin. This design has changed hardly at all, a stylized crown is shown on one side and a pair of hammers on the other. Dwarves in Dal Skyr often refer to gold pieces as 'Kagyars' for this reason. The silver 'Talon' has an eagle on one side clutching a sword and a dagger on the other. The copper 'Bit' is the other coin, a snake curled into a spiral is the design on one side, a spreading oak on the other.

Exchange Rates: 1 Emperor (pp) == 10 Crowns (gp) == 100 Talons (sp) == 1000 Bits (cp)

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