Victor Ironmark

Personal Knowledge

Three weeks ago you were summoned into the private chambers of High Priest Gancenor, a rare occurrence. "You have recovered well I see." Gancenor, in his middle years is still a strong imposing presence, "I have a mission for you. As you are no doubt aware we are ostensibly at peace with the Free Isles since the so called War of Independence 35 years ago and normal diplomatic and trade relationships have restarted. This includes the presence of a small number of Hospitalers of Solaris in their capital, Safeharbour. We have become aware of a strong rumour that the leader of the Free Isles, the First as he is known, has gone missing. Some of the rumours say that he has been kidnapped by agents of Bormaris; this is not true. Others that he has been taken by powers linked to the nation of Doralin, this is possible but unlikely. It seems that a party of adventurers with ties to the Free Isles government have been searching for him and have a powerful artefact to give him. If this artefact comes into the possession of the First it will set back our plans for the re-conquest of the Free Isles greatly. We need you to infiltrate this band of adventurers and make sure that the artefact never comes into the possession of the First. We have developed close ties to the church of Koryis and as one of the adventurers is a dwarven cleric of that Immortal you should find getting close to him fairly simple. In any case, here is a letter with a seal of the high priest introducing you if you should need it." Gancenor sits back in his chair and steeples his fingers in front of his chin. "Do you have any questions Brother?"
You are then shown to the crypt where Brother Quercus shows you a selection of magical items which you can chose to take with you.
The following day you are taken aboard one of the order's ships for the journey to Safeharbour. You have spent the past few days in Safeharbour acclimatising yourself. Agents of the order have discovered that the adventurers you seek are staying in an inn called The Swan and have recently been joined by an elven mage of which little is known.


Victor Ironmark, Male Human Ftr2/CSol3/Hospitaler4: CR 9; Medium Humanoid ; HD 2d10(Fighter) , 3d8(Cleric (Solaris)) , 4d8(Hospitaler) ; hp 56+181; Damage: 18 Init +0; Spd 20; AC:23 (Flatfooted:23 Touch:10); Atk +10/5 base melee, +8/3 base ranged;
+11/6 (1d8+2, Warhammer, Masterwork);
+8/3 (1d6+2, Mighty composite shortbow +2);
+11/6 (1d8+3, Warhammer, Masterwork);
+10/5 (1d8+3, Lance, heavy);
+10/5 (1d4+2, Dagger);
+10 (1d3+2, Unarmed);
+11/6 (1d6+3, +1 Sword, short);
+12/7 (1d10+4, +2 Sword, bastard);
Saves: Fort +11, Ref +3, Will +8; STR 142, DEX 11, CON 10, INT 13, WIS 16, CHA 13.
Skills: Bluff +3, Climb -4, Concentration +5, Craft (Armorsmithing) +1, Craft (Weaponsmithing) +1, Diplomacy +8, Disguise +3, Gather Information +3, Handle Animal +8, Heal +12, Intimidate +4, Jump -4, Knowledge (Religion) +5, Perform +3, Ride +8, Spellcraft +6.5, Swim -19.

Feats: Armor Proficiency: heavy, Armor Proficiency: light, Armor Proficiency: medium, Combat Expertise, Divine Might, Divine Vigor, Extra Turning, Mounted Combat, Power Attack, Ride-By Attack, Shield Expert, Shield Proficiency, Simple Weapon Proficiency.
Spells Known (CSol 6/5/4/3/1):
0 — Create Water, Cure Minor Wounds, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Guidance, Inflict Minor Wounds, Light, Mending, Purify Food and Drink, Read Magic, Resistance, Virtue;
1st — Bane, Bless, Bless Water, Burial Blessing, Cause Fear, Command, Comprehend Languages, Cure Light Wounds, Curse Water, Deathwatch, Detect Chaos, Detect Evil, Detect Good, Detect Law, Detect Undead, Divine Favor, Doom, Endure Elements, Entropic Shield, Inflict Light Wounds, Invisibility to Undead, Magic Stone, Magic Weapon, Obscuring Mist, Protection from Chaos, Protection from Evil, Protection from Good, Protection from Law, Random Action, Regenerate Light Wounds, Remove Fear, Sanctuary, Shield of Faith, Spell Flower, Summon Monster I;
2nd — Aid, Animal Messenger, Augury, Blood Wind, Brambles, Bull‘s Strength, Calm Emotions, Consecrate, Cure Moderate Wounds, Darkness, Death Knell, Delay Poison, Desecrate, Divine Flame, Divine Zephyr, Eagle`s Splendor, Endurance, Enthrall, Filter, Find Traps, Fins to Feet, Fox`s Cunning, Gaze Screen, Gentle Repose, Heat Metal, Hold Person, Inflict Moderate Wounds, Inky Cloud, Knife Spray, Lesser Restoration, Major Resistance, Make Whole, Owl`s Wisdom, Rapid Burrowing, Remove Paralysis, Resist Elements, Shatter, Shield Other, Silence, Sound Burst, Speak with Animals, Spiritual Weapon, Summon Monster II, Undetectable Alignment, Wings of the Sea, Zone of Truth;
3rd — Air Breathing, Animate Dead, Anyspell, Bestow Curse, Blessed Aim, Blindness/Deafness, Bridge of Sound, Chain of Eyes, Contagion, Continual Flame, Create Food and Water, Cure Serious Wounds, Curse of the Brute, Daylight, Deeper Darkness, Dispel Magic, Flame of Faith, Fuse Arm, Girallon`s Blessing, Glyph of Warding, Helping Hand, Inflict Serious Wounds, Invisibility Purge, Laogzed`s Breath, Lesser Telepathic Bond, Locate Object, Magic Circle against Chaos, Magic Circle against Evil, Magic Circle against Good, Magic Circle against Law, Magic Vestment, Mass Resist Elements, Meld into Stone, Negative Energy Protection, Obscure Object, Prayer, Protection from Elements, Regenerate Moderate Wounds, Remove Blindness/Deafness, Remove Curse, Remove Disease, Searing Light, Sonorous Hum, Sound Lance, Speak with Dead, Speak with Plants, Spikes, Stone Shape, Summon Monster III, Sweet Water, Sword Stream, Water Breathing, Water Walk, Wind Wall;
4th — Air Walk, Beast Claws, Blindsight, Castigate, Control Water, Cure Critical Wounds, Death Ward, Dimensional Anchor, Discern Lies, Dismissal, Divination, Divine Power, Divine Storm, Earth Reaver, Extend Tentacles, Fire Shield, Freedom of Movement, Giant Vermin, Greater Magic Weapon, Harrier, Imbue with Spell Ability, Inflict Critical Wounds, Lesser Planar Ally, Neutralize Poison, Poison, Recitation, Repel Vermin, Restoration, Sending, Spell Immunity, Status, Summon Monster IV, Tongues, Unfailing Endurance, Weapon of Energy, Weapon of the Deity, Weather Eye.
Spells Prepared (CSol 6/5/4/3/1):
0 - Create Water, Detect Magic x2, Mending, Purify Food and Drink, Read Magic;
1st - Bless Water, Comprehend Languages, Endure Elements (d), Detect Evil, Divine Favour, Protection From Evil;
2nd - Delay Poison, Eagle’s Splendour, Endurance, Heat Metal, Bull's Strength (D)
3rd - Flame of Faith, Lesser Telepathic Bond, Magic Circle against Evil, Magic Vestment (D);
4th - Fire Shield (D), Air Walk.
Weapons: +2 Sword, bastard (8,335 gp); Arrows (20) (1 gp); Dagger (2 gp); Dagger (2 gp); Lance, heavy (10 gp); Mighty composite short-bow +2 (225 gp); +1 Sword, short (2,310 gp); Warhammer, Masterwork (312 gp); Arrows (20) (1 gp).
Armor: Studded leather, Barding (50 gp); +3 Half-plate (9,750 gp).
Shields: Shield, large, steel, Masterwork (170 gp).
Goods: Coin: gp (2410) (2,410 gp); Armour smith`s tools (5 gp); Backpack (2 gp); Bedroll (1 sp); Rope, silk (50 ft.) (10 gp)3; Donkey (8 gp); Warhorse, heavy (400 gp); Explorer`s outfit (10 gp); Flask (4) (12 cp); Coin: cp (6) (6 cp); Flint and steel (1 gp); Healer`s kit (50 gp); Holy symbol, wooden (2) (2 gp); Lantern, hooded (7 gp); Oil (pint) (2) (2 sp); Pouch, belt (2) (2 gp); Rations, trail (per day) (7) (35 sp); Saddle, military (20 gp); Saddle, pack (5 gp); Saddlebags (2) (8 gp); Scroll Organizer (5 gp); Tent (10 gp); Waterskin (full) (2) (2 gp); Whetstone (2 cp); Cold weather outfit (8 gp); Rope, hemp (50 ft.) (1 gp).
Magic: Wondrous: Periapt of Wisdom (+2) (4,000 gp); Wondrous: Order of the Dragon 2rd Class (1,000 gp); Wondrous: Circlet of persuasion (4,500 gp).

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