Dohrum Stonefist

Personal Knowledge

Safeharbour is a large town or a small city depending on whether you have ever visited one of the cities on the mainland. It is situated at the mouth of the Dragon River. Two large islands guard the harbour and upon them are the Holy Temple of Solarios and the Royal Palace, the former partially abandoned the latter now home to the First. A high wall protects the city from attacks from both the seaward and landward sides.

Dohrum has contacts in the temple of Koryis, there are several small temples in the poorer districts but the largest is in Merchant Quarter north of the river. You visited many years ago but you doubt if the high-priest is still alive, he was an old man even then. This may be for the best as you did not part on the best of terms. You had some doubts as to the way that the temple was being run, too little of the donations were being passed on to the needier people in the city. Perhaps you could have phrased your suggestion better but there was no reason for the high-priest to send you back to Avondale so soon.

You have heard of the Prophecy of Moreldrak from Brother Newar, "Recently a scroll was uncovered in a ruined temple in the White Peak Mountains. It was written in the tongue of the Ancients and few scholars are capable of translating all of it. It spoke of the return of 'Moreldrak' and the fall of the rule of law throughout the Western Realms. To this end the First has been seeking counsel with the rulers of the realms across the sea. I know not what they have been speaking of only that we have been told to prepare for a great battle. It is for this that we have been building an army. We have been told to watch out for the coming of signs, none of which make sense. The fatherless man who is not a man, the ever smiling elf, the changing cloth and silver hunter. As I said none of this has made any sense. Their coming will be signalled by the appearance of a giant serpent of the air that shall circle the towers of the highest thrice before vanishing."

Elus said of Moreldrak, "You will probably recognise Moreldrak and Ar-Bagrinâth by their deeds rather than their appearance. It is said that their spirits have been reborn in bodies dissimilar to their normal forms."
Elus said of the ancients, "The Ancients. Well what is there to tell. They lived a long time ago and they looked upon humans, elves and dwarves as we do cats and dogs. Nice to have around and useful in our way but nothing more than that. Then for some reason they vanished, died or moved away to the remotest regions of the world never to be seen again. Some of the scrolls I have read suggest that they just got board and went away. Others say that some changed their form and are still amongst is, disguised as humans or elves, to watch over us, to make sure we don't make the same mistakes they did. What these 'mistakes' were the scroll doesn't explain. Two names keep cropping up in all these scrolls, Moreldrak and Ar-Bagrinâth. The former is regarded with loathing and is said to return at the end of all days to reclaim the world for his followers, the other will fight him to prevent this from happening."
The Brothers of Koryis are raising an army to protect the world against the return of Moreldrak.
You had a vision when wearing the helm: As you touch the helm you feel compelled to put it on your head. Your vision blurs for a moment and then you see through the narrow eye slit a large flat plain with ahead of you a steep ridge upon which the enemy is camped. "Sire one of the dragons has brought this." Your aide hands you a tattered black banner sigil of the hated Moreldrak. "Shall I bring him to you?" You shake your head and mutter, "Later, if we survive this then he shall be rewarded." Overhead dragons ride the thermals and engage in combat with teeth, claws, breath and spells. Scales fall like snow upon the battlefield. "Unfurl our banner; let the enemy know we are here, though he probably knows already." Your aide nods and blows a horn. On the back of a huge war-beast your standard bearer unfurls your banner with a loud snap as the wind fills it the seven white swans seem almost to fly for real as the cloth moves with the wind. "We seem to have his attention…" Your aide comments as a huge green dragon launches itself into the air and flies towards you. "I hope Ar-Bagrinâth and Lord Ahvo's bard are right otherwise this is going to be a very short battle." The stench of dragon almost knocks you from your feet as a low flying blue dragon with a grey haired human mounted in a harness on its belly flies a scant six feet above your head. You take the helmet off to wipe your brow and … The vision ends abruptly but leaves you with the sense that to call the lightning just requires you to be in a stormy area and takes ten minutes of preparation. After which you can call down a bolt of lightning upon your foes every ten minutes for the next hour and a half or so. You also felt even stronger and more forceful than you did before when wearing the helm.


Dohrum Stonefist, Male Dwarf (Hill) Clr9: CR 9; AL NG; Medium Humanoid; HD 9d8+27; hp 79; Damage: 10 (Disabled -3/Dying -16/Injury 16); Init -2; Spd 15; AC 20 (FF 20, Touch 8); Atk +6/+1 base melee, +4/-1 base ranged; Grapple +6;
+7/+2 Melee (+1 Warhammer 1d6+1/crit 20/x3);
+4/-1 Ranged (Sling 1d4/crit 20/x2);
+6/+1 Melee (Unarmed 1d3/crit 20/x2);
+5/+0 Melee (King Orry`s Axe 1d10+3/crit 20/x3);

Special Qualities: Dwarven traits (Ex), Darkvision (Ex): 60 ft., +1 Attack vs. Orcs and Goblinoids, +2 Saves vs. Poison, +2 Reflex Saves vs. Spells and Spell-like Effects, +4 Dodge Bonus to AC vs. Giants, Stonecunning (Ex)
Class Features: Cleric: Domain Access (2), Spontaneous casting, Spells, Turn or rebuke undead (7+Cha.Mod/day); Magic domain power - Use magic devices as a wizard, Protection domain power - Create a protective ward 1/day.
Saves: Fort +12, Ref +3, Will +12; STR 11, DEX 7, CON 16, INT 8, WIS 16, CHA 11.

Skills: Appraise -1, Balance -7, Climb -5, Concentration +5, Craft (Armoursmithing) -1, Craft (Blacksmithing) -1, Craft (Gemcutting) -1, Craft (Locksmithing) -1, Craft (Metalworking) -1, Craft (Stonecarving) -1, Craft (Stonemasonry) -1, Craft (Weaponsmithing) -1, Diplomacy +10, Escape Artist -7, Forgery -1, Gather Information +0.5, Heal +11, Hide -7, Intimidate +6, Jump -5, Knowledge (Religion) +3, Listen +3, Move Silently -7, Profession () +5, Profession () +5, Profession () +5, Profession () +5, Profession () +5, Profession (Engineer) +4, Profession (Miner) +5, Ride -1, Scry -1, Search -1, Sense Motive +5, Spot +3, Swim -14, Use Rope -2, Wilderness Lore +3.

Feats: Armour Proficiency: heavy, Combat Casting, Martial Weapon Proficiency: Warhammer, Extra Turning, Negotiator, Armor Proficiency: medium, Simple Weapon Proficiency, Shield Proficiency, Armour Proficiency: light.

Spells Prepared (Clr 6/5/5/4/3/2):
0 - Create Water, Detect Magic x2, Guidance, Light, Read Magic;
1st - Comprehend Languages x2, Detect Evil, Obscuring Mist, Protection from Evil, Shield of Faith (d);
2nd - Bull`s Strength x3, Fox`s Cunning, Owl`s Wisdom, Resist Elements (d);
3rd - Greater Magic Weapon, Dispel Magic, Protection from Elements (d), Searing Light, Speak With Dead;
4th - Air Walk, Harrier, Spell Immunity (d), Status/Cure Critical Wounds;
5th - Scrying, Spell Resistance (d), Wall of Stone.

Coins: 10 pp, 519 gp, 23 cp.
Weapons: +1 Warhammer; Bullet, sling x10; King Orry‘s Axe; Sling.
Armour: +2 Chainmail.
Shields: +2 Shield, large, steel.
Goods: Aquamarine (500 gp); Blue quartz (10 gp); Candle (2); Cleric`s vestments; Cold weather outfit; Explorer`s outfit; Eye agate (10 gp); Healer`s kit; Haematite (3) (30 gp); Holy symbol, silver; Lantern, hooded (2); Malachite (10 gp); Moss agate (2) (20 gp); Oil (pint) (1); Pony; Saddle, riding; Saddlebags; Traveller’s outfit.
Magic: Potion of Bull`s Strength (3); Scroll of Doom (1), Endure Elements (1), Aid (3), Negative Energy Protection (5), Remove Disease (5); King Orry`s Helm (7th); Order of the Dragon 2nd Class.

Full Character Sheet: here

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