Solarios is the patron deity of the states of Bormaris and Doralin. Despiser of darkness and undead Solarios is said to have come to earth riding on a chunk of the Sun. Part of this fiery chariot is placed in every major temple of Solarios. Fascinated by knowledge Solarios often sends dreams to his clerics to encourage them to search out lost realms and hidden secrets.

Worship of Solarios is not banned in the Free Isles but few of the native population do, they still see it as as a symbol of the oppressive regime that occupied the Free Isles before the Coming of the First. The largest temple is in Safeharbour and it has a large hospital wing. The Hospitaler Knights have started to repair the religion's image with the local people by offering healing to the poor. The ranking cleric in Safeharbour is Brother Parvale while Brother Kohrad runs the hospital almost interdependently.

  • Symbol:A flaming chariot wheel.
  • Other Names: The Sun-Prince, Tubak, Ixion, The Golden Man, Otzitiotl
  • Granted Power:You may Turn or Destroy undead as a cleric one level higher.
  • Domains:Fire, Knowledge, Strength, Sun
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