Chiron - Patron of Forest Races & Centaurs

Known History

Ixion, the Immortal Sun-prince, is said to have impregnated Nephele, a being of the Element of Air, with his mortal identity, or together they decided to Create a new species. The child she bore, named Centaurus, was the father of the Centaur race. As his father represented the sun, and his mother the clouds, Centaurus corresponded to the mists. Therefore Mist is sacred to
the Centaurs and is taken as a Good Omen, an indication of the favour of the Immortals.

The semi-legendary historical figure who exemplifies the cultural aspect of Centaur nature is Chiron. (Father of the current Alfheim Centaur King Olyrrhoe). In life, a wise and nearly immortal centaur, a great teacher and healer, skilled in Hunting, Medicine, Music, Prophecy, Astrology, Languages, and almost every other intellectual field. Revered by all the forest races, they see the hunt as an intellectual pursuit, an art form, as well as a practical discipline.
Chiron’s accomplishments were many. He personally tutored a host of heroes and great physicians of all races, and on this account, he appears in the legends of most peoples, including Humans, Demi-humans, Fairies, and even some Humanoids. Chiron taught his students Forestry, Music Medicine, Hunting, Warfare and good morals. He was particularly knowledgeable about medicinal herbs and authorized at least one important volume on the subject, Titled Herbarius.

Chiron was Immortal. He could not be slain by mortal magic nor might (more a fact of abilities than Anti-magic). He lived for
centuries and is recognized by all as the pinnacle of Centaur culture.

Chiron is also a close ally of Ordana .


Like most Centaurs, Chiron is more or less predisposed toward passion, excess, and violence. He, like his offspring, embodies cruelty, cunning, lust, and beastliness, complementing this crude, animal nature with speed and vitality, wisdom and
intelligence. Chiron is extremely benign and wise, always humane and quick to aid the needy and to disseminate knowledge. He is the patron of centaurs and other sylvan races, of healers and of teachers, of artists and all those that pursue wisdom and peace.


A horseshoe or the profile of a white centaur on a green field.


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