General Rules

Experience Points

Experience points are awarded as normal for killing and repelling monsters. They are also awarded for disarming or evading traps, making the DM laugh, sending in turns on a regular basis and role-play. In the latter cases I award points (and you know what points make) and then when I carry out a levelling up (usually at the end of a "scene" or module) I allocates some extra experience points based on the number of points accumulated.

Morale Checks

Monsters and other foes with an intelligence score may decide to run away from battle rather than fight to the death. I use a modified version of the Intimidate rules to adjudge this. I make the role if the foes have somewhere to run to (otherwise they may try to parley or surrender) when they have lost at least one third of their party or all of them are down to less than half of their hit points.

At this point I make the check in which they need to make a Will or Fortitude save (which ever is best) verses 10 plus the parties power level. If they succeed they do not make another check if they fail they will retreat or surrender depending on the creature type.

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