The Western Realms Timeline

Timeline For The Western Realms

Date Event
-300 years King Karaz, last ruler of a united Western Realms ascends to the throne
-250 years King Karaz dies aged 68 and his kingdom is divided between his two remaining sons Doral and Bormar.
-240 years First war between the brothers starts due to a border dispute north west of the River Darrow.
-235 years End of the first war. Borders established in the Treaty of Fendarrow.
-232 years Bormar dies, allegedly poisoned by agents of his brother.
-230 years Doral dies in a hunting 'accident'.
-190 years First battle of Fendarrow started by nervous generals stationed along the Neutral Zone. Fendarrow razed
-175 years Fendarrow rebuilt.
-70 years The great plague claims many victims. Elves blamed as they appear unaffected by the disease.
-35 years Free Isles declare independence from Bormaris. Doralin navy offers support but the government decline the offer.
-2 years Second war begins after a border skirmish over a few stray cattle. Fendarrow under siege.
Present Day An uneasy truce exists between Bormaris and Doralin.
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