Enoch's Tower


The tower consists of 3-foot-thick stone that has a rusted, weathered appearance. Close scrutiny reveals that while the tower was probably once an abandoned wreck like the low buildings surrounding it, someone obvious]y reconditioned it, as it now it looks fairly nice. Currently, mortar and brick cover every single window of the tower, closing it off from all possibility of daylight.

1. Tower Entrance

A massive double portal of heavily decorated oak guards the entrance to Tower Enoch.
Beyond the door is a short hallway tiled in smoothed, artistic red stone. A statue composed of the same stone stands in the hall 10 feet to the north of the double doors, along the west wall.

2. Crossway

Like the entrance hallway, the crossway's floor, walls, and ceiling consist of smoothed red stone tiles. The stairs to the north provide access to the second floor of Tower Enoch. The four oaken doors in the crossway normally remain closed.
Statues of black onyx stand at the east and west limits of the crossway.

3. Caller's Chamber

When Enoch does have authorized callers, he puts them in this chamber or room 4. This room contains a simple bed, nightstand, desk, bureau, wardrobe, washbasin, and portable privy. The chamber is currently unoccupied.

4. Occupied Caller's Chamber

This chamber looks exactly like room 3. However, a casual search reveals that someone has recently occupied this chamber, as the bed looks a bit dishevelled. A search of the bed and the rest of the room reveal several small smears of purplish, mucous-like gel. No other evidence of the previous occupant presents itself. Player characters that have had extensive experience with mind flayers recognize this gel as an illithid’s psychoactive mucous. Otherwise, the strange residue remains a mystery.

5. Chamber of Ease

A large hearth with a smokeless, magically burning fire takes up a large portion of this room's northern wall. Plush carpeting caresses the foot, while beautiful paintings and statuary ease the eye Comfortable looking divans and stuffed lounge chairs lay artfully about the chamber, while a bookcase replete with several leather-bound volumes stands along the west wall. A growing patina of dust covers everything hinting at several months of disuse.

6. Sitting Room

The stairwell accessing this chamber descends to room 2 and ascends to room 12. The floor of this chamber consists of onyx tiles 2 feet on a side, inset with smoothed facets of cut glass. Like the statues, the glass chips glitter like the night sky; interested PCs can see familiar constellations within the tiles.

The only door in this chamber is not made of oak, but rather of carved onyx studded with scattered glass facets that trace out the Guardian constellation (a hooded form barring passage across the river of night); See room 7 for more information on this door.

7. Hall of Caustic Loss

This 30-foot-long, 10-foot-width corridor contains the now familiar red stone tiles. However, each tile slab contains decorative images of pastoral scenes.

8. Studio

At first glance this chamber resembles the studio of a stone sculptor, variously sized blocks of granite, onyx, and marble lie against the northern wall. Nearer at hand, you can make out humanoid forms half-freed from the stone in which they rest. In the centre of the chamber, a small barrel nearly overflows with small gem chips, while a 20-foot-wide work bench along the south wall holds a variety of stone-working tools-including chisels, hammers, sanding paper, gritty polishing agents, and other stone-shaping equipment.

9. Enoch's Lab

The door between this room and room 8 is carved of oak. However, the door between this chamber and room 10 consists of black iron (see room 10 for more information).
The contents of Enoch’s lab are not dramatically different from any other wizard's work area. Shelves and lab tables containing a variety of magical research equipment including alembics, crucibles, coils of distillation, mortar and pestles, scales with weights, and other arcana fill this room. In addition, complex magical diagrams adorn the walls, while multi-coloured, noxious fumes colour the air.

10. Enoch's Study

Redstone surfaces dominate this chamber. However, the ceiling holds onyx slabs dotted with ubiquitous pieces of glass. Like all the other onyx slabs, this ceiling resembles a night sky scattered with stars.
Hanging from a small mobile stand next to the balcony door (leading into room 11) is a large lamp. A massive desk literally covered in manuscripts, loose papers, and open books sits against the northern wall. In addition, a small cot lies against the west wall, and a spiral staircase wends its narrow way upward in the south-western corner of the room. Although this spiral staircase rises through the third floor, it does not provide access to that area. Rather, the stairs lead directly to the attic (room 16) of Tower Enoch.

11. Balcony

It is here that Enoch delivers his nightly sermon concerning the coming Change. While the mage speaks, the lamp in room 10. While Enoch gives his sermon, he leaves the iron door leading to his study open; this allows the light from the psionic lamp to mesmerise his "followers."

12. Central Access

This 10-foot-square room is tiled in red stone. It provides access to the spiral stairs in the north (which descend to room 6), as well as to three additional chambers on this floor.

13. Kitchen

This chamber contains a simple kitchen and dining area. The kitchen consists of a hearth, a cauldron, a wash basin, a variety of cooking implements, kettles, plates, silverware, and crockery. A large closet in the north-eastern corner of the room contains all manner of food-including dried meat, flour, dried pasta, and cornmeal.

14. Dining Room

Onyx tiles and red drapery give the room a dramatic background, while a huge table of polished mahogany and a set of six grand chairs with red cushions provide the room's focus. Enoch once brought guests to his Tower and he was justly proud of his mastery of the culinary arts. Unfortunately, this room has remained unused for some time and a film of dust covers every object in the chamber.

15. Apprentice's Chamber

This room contains only a cot, a rude desk, a wardrobe, and a portable privy as its furnishings. The papers and inks upon the desk indicate the very beginnings of someone's study into the world of magic. A horrible rotting smell permeates this room.

16. Attic

This chamber exists at the very top of the tower, thus the ceiling here is peaked. Stone and mortar block the room's only window. The chamber itself is bare except for one comfortable looking leather chair, a small bookshelf, a chest and a full-length mirror.

The bookshelf contains several volumes of magical theory including Fechod’s Almanac of Fortune Telling and McNally’s Study of Orcish Battle Magic and a search also reveals two additional items of interest: a fragment of text and a letter.
The fragment of text is obviously written in Enoch's hand. It reads,

“… inner demons, once loosed, are unstoppable, the sewers are now home to nightmares!”

The letter is short; it is addressed to Master Enoch and was apparently sent by one Guildmaster Janine. The letter reads:

Dearest Enoch,
Thank you so much for your recent contribution to our new enterprise. As strange Is it may sound, gray matter is now our most profitable, and unlawful, enterprise. Our fence prefers fresh brains, however, so please refrain from sending us any further pickled specimens from the shelves of your lab. We appreciate the thought, but there is no market for alchemically preserved heads.
Janine, Guild Daymaster

P.S. Please bring all future procurements to the yellow warehouse on the corner of Maple Way and Ten Alders Road.

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