Enoch' s Farm

Thanduil and Dohrum visited the City Document Depository and found the following scroll. The document you are looking for is exactly where the desk clerk said it would be, like most of its ilk it is written in rather flowery terms.

"Delightful stone built country residence set back from the shore road north of the city of Safeharbour, would suit a family or a gentleman of importance with many retainers. Property consists of a large atrium, one reception room, one dining room, large kitchen, with root cellar, and servant quarters on the ground floor. Further stairs lead up to upper floor with six bedrooms, a library and a chapel. Stairs lead up to a two story tower with two more rooms suitable for studies or further bedrooms. Access to the roof gives views over the surrounding country and Safeharbour itself."

Attached is a further document sealed with the mark of Sir Rupert,

"Property1 has been searched. It seems that the retainers have left when Enoch moved to the city, most items of value having vanished at about the same time. Property has been made safe, no traps or suchlike were found. Chapel has been cleansed of any evil influences. Suggest that Enoch may not have returned after his conversion. I have hired a small staff to keep the place safe from bandits and criminals. Suggest that the property be loaned to Zan's band of adventurers as a safe house while in the employ of the Council."
Attached to the scroll by a length of scarlet ribbon is a large key.

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