Departed Heroes

Saluting the Fallen

Many adventurers have taken part in the long adventures in the Western Realms. Many of them have fallen by the wayside. This page is a tribute to those who gave their lives for the Greater Good.

Andrinor (Elf Fighter/Ranger)

Andrinor is a cold and haughty elf from the forest of Deepdale. Andrinor loves to travel on the pure instinct to destroy any evil elements, to gain wisdom and knowledge so that he can become stronger and more skilled to fight evil. He has a definite hunger for any magical items and/or weapons that work to his advantage.

His family is high up in the clan hierarchy and this adds to his air of superiority. He tends to speak little, but his words when he does speak are precise and reveal a sharp mind.

He has blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, is of medium build and moves a little stiffly as if his back troubles him.

Adrinor slipped and fell from the Royal Island cliffs. Although Chang tried to rescue him he drowned and was not seen again.

Angiliant (Elf Rogue)

For a better part of his life Angiliant has been travelling with a circus in hopes of finding a cure for the plague and as part of a good-will program brought about by the king of the elves. He has travelled through many lands and seen many things both good and bad. He enjoys a challenge but is not fool-hardy with his life. He uses his 'skills' to help those in need. This is both because of the good-will mission he is on and the fact that he has seen the world and believes it needs someone to help it from shifting to evil.

He usually wears a green hooded cloak so as to not be recognized as easily while travelling, he also wears boots and gloves He has a talisman of his deity Mealiden Starwatcher which he wears around his neck at most times. He wears a scabbard with a sword and a bow and quiver as well as leather armour with an insignia of a rainbow with a star over it on the breast-plate. He wears his hair long and in a pony-tail. When in towns he usually wears the cloak with the hood covering his head and most of his face.

Arinna (Half-Orc Barbarian)

Arinna is a female half-orc from the mountains that form the spine of the Free Isles. She is currently the bodyguard of Prince Gedvor, the ruler of a small principality in this mountainous region. Standing nearly six foot tall and weighing in at 135lbs she is a formidable sight. he muscular physique and olive tinged skin makes her stand out from the crowd.
When on duty she wears studded leather armour over a thick leather skirt. Hanging from belt hooks are two throwing axes while a high quality great axe is attached to her backpack.
She can be gruff and unforgiving but she likes a drink and a game of dice with other guardsmen.

She was killed by Brother Enoch's magics while protecting Zan.

Arrik Maverick (Human Rogue)

Arrik has a had a hard life and it is reflected in in his generally dour personality. He's about five and a half feet tall and 146lbs with blue eyes. He smiles rarely, and can be found wearing dark clothing to reflect his dark past. His complexion is pale as he tends to be more active at night, and his dark clothes make it hot for him during the day.
Arrik has grown up in a cruel environment and was never given the chance to play with other kids as a child. This tends to make him quiet and serious, he also has a hard time trusting others.

Arrik will never harm a child if there is a way around it. He holds a distrust for women more so then for men, yet is learning that women hold a certain appeal as well, though he was never taught why. He likes to watch children play, and to find a high spot to do his private thinking. He loves cloudless moonlit nights, and soft breezes.

Arrik made a bad decision and refused passage on the barge crewed by a polymorphed Lord Kesryk. Taking the Royal Barge he died when it was hit by a fireball spell from the shore.

Crystala Norhaven (Half-Elf Rogue)

She is thought to have died along with Landor, fighting a rearguard action as the others escaped from the agents of Baron Jubfeck.

D'mond Four Feathers: Female Wood Elf Rogue

An elf from Deepdale. She has been asking around for something known as the Rose Of Deepdale.

D'mond Four-Feathers is big for a female elf. At 5' and 109lbs she looks more like a human female at first glance. Her hair, which she wears in a long ponytail, is blonde and her eyes are a beautiful deep shade of green. D'mond wears leather armour and wields a rapier and a crossbow. Her clothes which are a variety of different shades of green look like they have seen better days.

Rumours around town have it that she is looking for something. Going by her actions so far the only thing she has found is - Trouble!

She and Crystala used to work as a team, D'mond constantly boosting the confidence of her half-elf friend. D'mond has been badly hurt on a couple of occasions and has needed the tender ministrations of the party's clerics more than once as well as the unexpected aid of Zan, the bard.

She carried Ordana's Ward the talisman that Baron Jubfek craves and may be the only hope of civilisation.

She was killed by an agent of the Baron in Horfid.

Delmundo (Half-Orc Wizard)

He is in his early 20s with short black hair, his face is pockmarked, he looks like he is in perpetual agony, he never smiles, has big full lips, a huge pig like nose, jet black eyes that shine with intelligence. In other words he is not a pretty sight. Besides his face his body is very taut, his hands are extremely exquisite, and he seems to be floating while in fact he is walking.

Arrogant and tetchy, Delmundo was captured and imprisoned on his way to meet his magical teacher. Once freed from the clutches of the mad mage Orto he resumed his travels without even saying goodbye, his departure from the party was not a sad occasion.

Finnigan (Human Cleric)

The tall, heavily built cleric with striking green eyes peaking from beneath a wayward fringe of red hair did not travel far with the companions, he was kept back by the head cleric Rhodoban who sent Dohrum instead.

Jordan (Human Fighter)

When he was a child of 5, his family was killed by an ogre attack. When the ogres saw him, they were about to slaughter him, but then they thought about it. Since the ogre leader wasn't able to impregnate his wife, he decided instead to adopt the child as his own. Jordan grew up with a very physically oriented life, so he is quite strong, and quick on his feet. His schooling left something to be desired, though i.e. This Rock. That Tree. Done.

Eventually he reached an age where he could leave his ogre family. Although their culture said he should stay with the tribe, they knew that as a man he needed to find his own way though life. They gave him a sword, spears, armour, and a bit of gold. He harbours both a great subconscious anger against ogres, but when he's thinking (a rare occasion) he cares for them, ogre fashion. He obviously can speak ogre, and also has a great understanding of their culture.

He now looks forward expectantly as every door is opened, hoping that somewhere soon there will be something to 'Smash!'.

After arriving in Safeharbour Jordan decided that he would rather join the District Militia rather than remain an adventurer. Still circumstances have led him back to the others for a while as a member of the city guard while they were in Safeharbour

Landor Skygazer (Elf Cleric)

Before you stands a thin man in a dusty brown cloak, its hood pulled low over the man's eyes. As the dust slowly sifts to the ground, you notice his hand woven clothes in green and brown hues. You catch a glimpse of color on his tabard underneath his cloak. It looks almost like a rainbow and you can just make out a silver embroidered star under it. A bow hangs from his left shoulder in its leather sheath, unstrung, next to a hand stitched leather quiver which holds numerous arrows, fletched with what appear to be rainbow coloured feathers.

As you gather in the looks of the man, you notice his round wooden shield worn under his simple backpack, and the weapon sheathed, hanging on his belt. His pants are deep green and his boots are tall, made of supple tan leather. His slender hands and long fingers slowly reach up and toss back the hood of his cloak, to reveal soft brown eyes under long, thin, black hair which streams to both sides of his face. On each side, you see tall pointed ears… an elf! He smiles with thin lips at you and seems almost to not really notice you before he drops his hands to his side. A beautifully wrought chain of silver suspends a multi-hued medallion in the form of a rainbow with a star above and below.

With a shallow nod and bow, the man speaks. "Hello. I am Landor." The simple earnestness of his words almost compel you to answer immediately.
Landor hails from Deepdale, the elven city, if you can truly call any elvin community a city. He is a devote worshipper of Mealiden Starwatcher, immortal of the elves. He is the only son of his too soon dead parents, who died victims of the irrational anger of humans in their quest to punish the makers of the Great Plague.

His parents were, of course, not involved in any way with the plague; just more victims of misunderstanding between races and cultures. Landor had already taken to study in the priestly teachings of Mealiden when they perished, and while he mourned for his parents, he did not grow angry at the men who killed them, as some of his younger generation have. No, Landor listened to the teachings of Mealiden and asked for wisdom and guidance. Through his studies, Landor learned of Thanatos, and grew to suspect that this evil immortal was the cause of the Great Plague and his parents death.

Many years have passed since his parents were alive, and Landor still remembers his pledge to them. He promised to make them proud through his devotions while they were still living. And with their passing, he has promised to help man and elves alike learn the truth behind the plague, no matter what it turns out to be.

It is this very devotion to truth that Landor believes led to his dream. A slender elf came before him in his dream and told him that he must gather with other followers and leave Deepdale. They would travel as one for many days until they came upon the twisted tree, growing in the centre of a ring of stones, each with a glyph carved in it. There they would part and each travel their separate ways. Each one would seek the truth, and gather with others of many walks of life and races until the treachery of the Great Plague was laid bare. Then, they would reunite and piece their knowledge together, to know the whole story and then tell it to the council of elders.

Landor told his tale unto his teacher and learned that several other students and teachers had had similar visions. And it came to pass that Landor found himself, some years later at the very tree from his dream, and he and his companions parted, each to seek the cause of the plague in his own way.
Landor had been walking for days, without stopping or resting, just in a semi-meditative trance. So many things had happened over the past few years. He had left Deepdale with a team of priests, and they had experienced many adventures together before they parted. Now, however, he was alone. He would have felt lonely, were it not for his deep sense of purpose. He had been given a mission by Mealiden!

Landor knew he would endure any hardship, overcome any obstacle. He would not fail! At the moment, however, Landor had to stop and find something to eat. Landor sat for a few moments, praying to Mealiden to provide him with skill with his bow for hunting and sustenance through nearby game. His prayers done, Landor slipped his bow out of its sheath and strung it. He stood up and carefully knocked an arrow before slipping quietly back into the brush.

Slow steps, careful steps, made almost unconsciously, and deadly quiet. Landor eased between low branches and around shrubs until his nose caught scent of animal droppings. Yes, there, on the right… The prints, cloven, small… a boar. Another sniff… female, with young. Landor slipped along the prints to a game trail. He stopped suddenly… There, a piglet. Already weaned of its mother, but still staying close. The mother would be downwind, keeping track of its young. For a moment, Landor thought it might be cruel to take the mother. But that is the way of nature, and the piglets were old enough to survive on their own, he was sure.

A few more paces downwind and Landor caught sight of the boar. Not too big. Almost looking hungry. Another prayer to Mealiden and Landor slowly drew back the knocked arrow on his bow. Slow breaths, in… out… in… out… sight down the shaft, check the distance, no wind, there behind the front leg, there's the heart—«<SWOOSH»> The arrow flies, faster than a diving eagle!

He is thought to have died along with Crystala fighting a rearguard action as the others escaped from the agents of Baron Jubfeck.

Landrick Steelhand

Landrick could most simply be described as a good-hearted jock. He stands about 6'2" and weighs in just over 200 pounds. At 21, he is in his prime and little fat can be found on his frequently exercised body. His reddish-brown hair is kept short, but not to the point of being a crew cut and he generally clean shaven.

As the party becomes more familiar during the first few nights camping, Landrick informs the group that he is the last of three sons born to Kedrick "Steelhand" of Eden in the north. His father was injured in the war of independence hence the somewhat unusual nickname. After the war ended, Kedrick returned to Eden to begin a life of successful farming.

Landrick's oldest brother has followed in these footsteps, living a simple, passive life on the farm. Landrick's other brother has also remained on the farm due to a long standing battle with illness and poor health. With no such ailments or commitments to the farm, Landrick quickly gained the adventuring itch that his father had. Upon coming of age, Landrick asked for and received permission to gain more formal training at the Guild of Weapons in Avondale. Landrick was studying there and working as an occasional caravan guard when the other players met him.

Landrick appears full of self-confidence but also has his moments of self-doubt. He often holds himself to the highest standards of conduct and honour and uses his father has his role model. He does not drink or smoke for health reasons (they dull the senses he tells you) but he is not such a goody two shoes to turn people off. He allows people to live their own lives and have their own opinions, but he does not withhold his own opinions when he disagrees. In simple game terms, he bridges the alignments of Lawful good and Neutral good (hence his decision not to turn in Crystala despite his tendencies to uphold the law).

He was killed by skeletons in the tomb of Baron Jubfek's Ancestors.

Larnir Haigh (Human Wizard)

Larnir Haigh from the Poppleton suburbs in a well-off family of a merchant, a second son. Took up magic in the steps of his grandfather, a College Mage. Has no special fears, likes and dislikes. He has an imposing stature of six feet, but built not in a way athletic - has narrow shoulders, long, supple, almost snaky arms ending in almost spidery hands. His forearm is thicker than his biceps - actually he can snap a copper coin in two or hurt a much more robust man in a handshake. There`s some extra weight around his waist, but his legs do not show a bit of fat - the heavy legs and thick calves are all powerful muscles of an accomplished walker.

His skin is of a pearly-white colour that reminds some of fish-bellies, completely unaffected by sun or emotions, but the features of this face are clear and well-proportioned. His eyes are rather deeply set, but you can see they are not always quite the same colour - if you knew him long enough, then sky-blue to steel grey would have been an apt description.

Larnir wears his dark auburn lair in a loose tail, has a trim beard and moustache and his clothes are usually black. Several bands of silver on his wrists add to the Ring of Telekinesis. Also, his fingernails are long, pointed and painstakingly polished black.

His personality is rather academical, but he likes humour and good company - something he has been missing for a long time spent over books.

Zan's master Rufus, said that Lanir returned to help Lord Kesryk with his researches.

Musley Nottins (Halfling Cleric)

Musley Nottins from Greenyvale into a farmer family, the youngest of four daughters and the most adventurous of all. She is tall for a Halfling - almost four feet, plump (of course), round-faced and freckled all over her face, neck and arms, too. She has deep ginger hair, long and well-cared for, wears a topknot on her head and brushes her foot hair thoroughly - it looks actually so pretty that Human girls were known to be envious!

Musley has green eyes and a pinky, strawberry-and-cream complexion. Numerous beads threads, bracelets and bands adorn her neck, wrists, head and ankles. Dressed in her Yamuga clerical robe (green and brown colours) she looks pretty innocent, until you notice that her headband is actually a sling and the thing stuck in her sash behind the back is a gnarled, knotted black thorn-wood cudgel with handy wrappings and wrist strap. Tied to the cudgel with a ribbon there is a small vial.
Of course she looks childish (most Halflings except maybe Mayor Keramore do) but only till she keeps her mouth shut.

Zan's master Rufus, said that Musley returned to help Lord Kesryk with his researches.

Raffi (Halfling Rogue)

Still young and impetuous by halfling standards Raffi's 26 years hang heavy on his shoulders. He stands a scant three feet tall and weighs 46lb with hazel eyes and dark brown almost black hair.

It is not true that he is always hungry, he must sleep sometimes after all but it seems that every other sentence he utters is related to food. His family in the farming community of Eden had been slaughtered by bandits just a few weeks ago and this still haunts his dreams.

Raffi decided to stay and serve with Captain Caduach on the Flower of the West.

Simon Weaver (Human Sorcerer)

Simon is a strange character. Sometimes he appears to be an experienced master mage, confident and powerful. Most of the time however he seems to bumble his way through spells unsure of the results of his actions.

He was one of the prisoners (along with Jordan and Delmundo) of the orc bandits and has stuck with the companions as they quest for the Baron's talisman. He sometimes appears to be the party's conscience doing what is right because that is the way that things should be done. His logical brain has solved a number of the puzzles left behind by the Baron.

Simon decided to stay behind in Safeharbour and help Lord Kesryk study the magical tome that may have captured The First.

Verlis Malde (Human/Lycanthrope Rogue)

His unkempt dark hair, almost colourless blue eyes, pale and unhealthy complexion, slightly crooked nose (previously broken), uneven teeth, notched left eyebrow (old scar from fighting), tendency to wear deliberately drab brown/black clothing gives Verlis a rather shady air.

Verlis, who likes to be known as Earl, is a cocky, unprepossessing, rather obnoxious lad from the streets of Poppleton. He had a hard upbringing in a poor family which eventually disowned him when he started running with the criminal fraternity. Although he has a certain amount of regard for the poor, downtrodden and victimized members of society, he has no respect or regard for rank, wealth or privilege. He regards those with more than he has as potential targets.

He has recently left Poppleton as he rather stupidly (average intelligence and below average wisdom) accepted a challenge to try and pick the pockets of someone from the mage school - and he's not even a good pick-pocket! Only his speed (and the fact that he has a certain amount of wiry strength despite his slight build) saved him from capture. But his guild was forced to disown him and now he is looking for a new direction, preferably to his own advantage.

After being attacked by zombies on Dragontooth Island, Verlis was infected with lycanthropy by Captain Vai, a were-shark pirate. He fears now that he will turn into a were creature at the next full moon. He left the party, fearing for their safety and reputation if he stayed with them. He eventually found his way into the mountains as a werewolf and his pack helped the companions in their battle with Lord Scrond's minions.

Vincas Quinbal

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