Danjon's Notes

Danjon Elthard, 3rd Magister of the 7th Circle, appears to have been aware that the PCs were coming even though he died long before they were born.

Thanduil found the following in a book in Danjon's office:

“M. Is causing trouble in congress again.”, “There is something wrong with the transit stones, journeys are less reliable.”, “Sigur Stonefist visited today, spoke of issues with the gnomes. They have secrets.”, “I have sent my advisor away, his master is ill and needs aid. At least that is what I told him. I couldn’t tell him what Ar-Bagrinâth told me. He would have stayed then.”, “M visiting tonight, I will seal this room, I don’t trust him.”

On a scroll containing Plane Shift, Locate Creature and Locate Object Thanduil found the following note:

"Greetings Thanduil, I hope you find these scrolls useful. I'm sorry I'm not here to give you to them personally but I've been indisposed for some time. Best regards, Danjon Elthard. P.S. In about 5 minutes Victor is going to get in some bother, you may wish to help him."

While in the guest suite he found this note:

“Welcome guests. Sadly, I am not in a position to welcome you personally. Please take your ease here for a few hours, or days if that is what you need. Food will be available in my dining room. Just remember to put the plates away in the cupboard after you have supped so they are ready for the next guests. DE.”

On a scroll containing Find the Path, Locate Object and Command Dohrum found the following note:

“Greetings Dohrum, I hope you find this scroll useful. I'm sorry I'm not here to give you to them personally but I've been indisposed for some time. Best regards, Danjon Elthard. P.S. If you are reading this, things might be going better than I thought. Try not to get killed.”

Amongst chests of magic items and broken stone are a few pages hastily torn from a notebook.

“The stones were meant to be used by any of the fey. A simple touch from someone imbued with magic or fey blood and the gateways opened. However, the stones shattered when we tried to use them. They must be tied in some way to the ley-lines that cross at their original position. Who ever moved them knew not what they had broken, or perhaps they did. Ancient even before our time, who created them?” I have two left. One has been placed in the old summoning chamber, lines of power meet there I am sure it may work. The other at the fork in the Vale, there are signs that a Travelling Stone once stood there. What will happen if we place a strange one there I don’t know, the symbols are aligned with the traces of power beneath them but do they need to match exactly? Once M visits this evening and we have settled matters I will speak with B and see if he will allow me one more test. I worry about the future and what I have seen. I have left gifts for those that will find them and hope Z will be there to guide them.”

Chang found a piece of parchment stuffed in a drawer:

“Read Magic is the key. A strong mind can tread other paths. There are destinations other than those on the signposts.”

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