Current Heroes

The Companions

The current group of companions have been together for some time now, as yet they have not given themselves a name. Is this because they are too shy and do not seek aggrandisement for themselves? Or is it that they have never got around to it? Who knows.

The companions are currently accompanied by two NPCs Zanzibar the Bard, and Aleanor the Ranger.

Chang: Male Human Drunken Master


Chang is a huge man, both in height (towering at 6ft 4) and girth (weighing in at over 250 lbs). He currently wears simple winter furs and oilskins, loosely fitting around his great form making him quite an imposing figure. His chubby face used to be almost fixed in a jovial smile, but recent events have taken their toll and he sometimes now takes on a more determined expression. About his person are various gourds and vials, and a pair of ornate nunchukas are thrust through his belt. He bears various ropes and equipment across his back, neatly stored so as to minimise encumbrance. There is a slightly eastern look to his features, though this is only noticeable on close inspection, or by his waxed black bob of hair (an eastern style). He is round faced with a wide mouth, puffy eyes and large ears. When relaxed his demeanor is warm, jovial and friendly such as one who would gladly join with strangers for a drink and a laugh. (more...)

Dohrum Stonefist: Male Hill Dwarf Cleric of Koryis


Fierce green eyes stare out from round ruddy cheeks framed by a long red beard and hair. This young, dwarven cleric of Koryis had come to Avondale in search of a haven of peace, something that is hard to find in the mines of Dal Skyr. His family have disowned him for not following the natural god of dwarves and this has driven a wedge between Dohrum and other dwarves. He feels the only thing he has in common with the rest of his race is a love of ale and good food, something that shows up in his ruddy complexion and ample girth.

Some people say that Koryis has no sense of humour. Those who listen to the way that Dohrum calls upon his patron for aid will testify that the Immortal of Peace and Prosperity enjoys a good laugh as much as anyone else.
In fighting the sea-spirits on the voyage to Safeharbour he lost his holy symbol, but not his faith.

Hurvild: Male Human


A man out of time. Hurvild has awoken from a very long sleep after the companions sliced open the spider cocoon he had been held in. Who is he? Perhaps we will find out in time (more...)

Jedon Blackarrow: Male Human Ranger


The tall ranger has been a infrequent visitor to Avondale in recent years, preferring the solitude of the woods and plains to the hustle and bustle of cities. His intense hatred of orcs is well known by residents of the town and many a time he has returned from a hunting expedition with a brace of orc hides. He is, however scorned by many of the people for his friendship with elves. After a battle with some relations of the orcs he had just killed Jedon lay bleeding on the river bank with only a half-elf for company. Fortunately Finnigan a cleric of Koryis came upon the scene and was able to heal the wounds.

Jedon is another who dislikes and mistrusts Zan, for it seems the bard knows something about his father but has not seen fit to tell the ranger.

Jedon was the least inclined to enter the tomb of the Baron, fearing it a trick. This combined with his hatred of undead and unease of enclosed underground spaces makes Jedon jumpy and nervous in the dark. He now carries a sword quenched in the blood of an aberration and hopes to use it on the illithids plaguing the land. (more...)

Mixnan Cogbolt: Male Dwarf Rogue


Mixnan describes himself as a locksmith and joined the Companions near the village of Horfid. Despite his vagabond lifestyle and ill-fitted attire (likely nicked or pawned), he attempts to maintain an immaculate appearance: his clothes are clean and crisp, and he keeps his orange beard cleanly cropped and trimmed (for a dwarf) and his face washed. He has brown eyes and is always winking at people. He’s a follower of Kagyar, being both a dwarf and an artisan. (more...)

Thanduil: Male High Elf Wizard


Thanduil is an young, elf mage who wandered into Safeharbour from a distant enclave of sages. He stumbled upon the Companions while hunting for a beast which has hunted him for many years. Thanduil is tall and slim, with typical elven looks; long blond hair and blue eyes that seem to peer right through to your soul. His hair is rarely visible, however as he covers most of his face with the hood of his cloak. (more...)

Victor Ironmark: Knight Hospitaler of Solaris


Victor's a military man who was quickly identified as leadership material. A small village had reported a problem with undead and he was tasked to lead a squad to investigate. The night after they arrived, the town was over-run and his quick strategic thinking resulted in the residents mostly surviving, although the size of the force arrayed against them meant this wouldn't last long. He lead a small hit squad that got through to the cleric behind it all - the ensuing fight resulted in a dead evil cleric, a badly injured hit squad and a leader near death. The local cleric of Solarios was able to keep him alive, but his strength health is still shattered as a result.

Honoured for his role in the battle, he was permitted to leave the military due to ill health. Rather than spend his days by the fire, he joined the clerics of the faith that saved him. After a few years, he's rebuilt his strength and physique, and his superiors realised his skills would be better deployed in a more military manner. He was encouraged to join the Hospitalers, and is assigned to the chapter in Safeharbour. Normally an initiate Hospitaler would be primarily on guard duty, but in these difficult times… who knows? As a native of the former oppressors Victor faces constant mistrust from those he meets but he has gained the respect of the rest of the heroes. (more...)

Zanzibar: Human Bard

Zan is in his mid forties and has had a long and adventurous life. As he has told the others he has served as a bard in many of the courts of the Realms. What he hasn't told them is why he had to leave. He is now in the service of 'The Master'. He has not told the others who his master is,not because he doesn't want to but because he can't, not while his master lives anyway. He has hinted at some mystical link between himself and his master and that his master is very powerful. Zan is skilled with his claymore and the bow. He has joined the party partly to recover the key to his master's residence deep in the mountains and also to regain the items stolen from him by the orcs. He also senses that the party is on a mission that will aid his master's aims. He has a cat Symbar who rarely leaves his side, although since the party travelled into the mountains has not been seen. He has knowledge about Jedon's past that Jedon finds disturbing.

Aleanor Pathsteader: Human Ranger


Aleanor is a ranger and an agent of Lord Kesryk. She was captured and imprisoned by the illithids in their cyst under the Safeharbour sewers. She has a strange psionic sigil on her palm that is guiding them towards something. It speaks to her mind as a persona that calls itself Strom.

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