The Flooded Crypt

Each 'tile' is 5' across so the corridor is 50' from north to south.

There are stone doors in four of the alcoves and one straight ahead. The north-west alcove holds a throne not a door.

The throne in the north-west alcove is vaguely anthropomorphic in form; the legs are shaped like sturdy boots while the arms end in mailed gauntlets and an ornate helm emerges from the back rest. Behind it is an unlit lantern hanging from a rusty hook, strange dark vines run from the lantern to the wall and similar ones run from the chair into the floor.

Victor studies the throne while Chang finds something more disturbing.
A gargantuan spider squats at the centre of a large octagonal room. In the opposite alcove is a throne.
Thanduil launched a fireball into the chamber after the spider bit Victor - the spider survived and advanced out of the room.
Victor finally killed the creature with two mighty blows with his warhammer.

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