Chapter 3: On The Trail of The Flower Of The West

They are soon under way and as night falls they are warned not to wander the decks at night, for their own safety.

Fyrmont 23rd & 24th 1014

Seasickness got the better of a number of the party and Andrinor along with Arrik wander onto the deck where they are warned off by the Captain who strangely appears to have been swimming as he is soaking wet and there is a puddle at his feet.
Later on the second day they arrive at a rugged, forested island. The captain tells them that they have spotted the Flower of the West riding at anchor in a nearby cove. The companions set off in a small boat to a sandy beach where they are put ashore. They have not been ashore long before they are attacked by a group of bloated zombies that scramble up the beach towards them. The battle does not go well. Verlis is badly injured before the last of the undead are destroyed. Amongst the remains Andrinor finds a symbol of Koryis and suspects that the undead may have been the bandits they were searching for.

Verlis was on the point of death when captain Vai arrived on the beach. Despite the sailors saying that the waters were shark infested it seems that he has swum from the ship to the island. He pours a liquid from a metal phial into Verlis' mouth and whispers something to him. Verlis regains consciousness and the captain swims back to the ship.

They track through the thick brush until they find the tracks of the bandits they are searching for. Following their tracks they arrive at a broken bridge. Verlis swiftly worked out how to cross safely and returns to find that Angiliant and Andrinor had been searching the ravine for his remains. Not long after he crosses back over he sees the bandits coming around the corner to the far side of the bridge.

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