Chapter13: Darkness in the Mountains: Speaking with the Dead

Ambyrmont 18th 1014

Death and a New Companion

Slightly restored but still shocked and weakened by what had happened the day before the heroes reconvened for a sombre breakfast.
Dohrum, Victor and Thanduil decided to try to speak with D'mond to determine what she wanted to be done with her body and just as importantly what should be done with the Talisman.
Aleanor left to go hunting and was trailed by Chang and Jedon.

D'mond's spirit spoke to Dohrum and stressed that she wanted her body taken to her family tree in Deepdale, when asked about the Talisman Ordana manifested in the shabby inn in a blaze of glory.

“Brother Dohrum, your patron is not opposed to the actions of my fellow immortals in the Ring of Fire but he tries to bring peace with the Brotherhood of the Star and for that reason you cannot be the wielder of my Talisman. Thanduil, I cannot countenance you bearing it either as your master is one of the members of the Brotherhood. I do not blame you, just as you would not blame a badly behaved puppy in the thrall of an evil kennel-master. I sense another coming who follows one that has yet to decide which side to take, I cannot risk him taking the Talisman. Aleanor has another quest that may draw her apart from you and the greater quest you follow. Chang, Zanzibar and Jedon have decided not to follow anyone; they walk their own paths for good or ill. That leaves you Brother Victor. You master Solarios is the leader of our merry band and for that reason it should be you that bears the burden. Do not doubt that this will be a dangerous task. Our enemies will target you for what you carry like bees search for nectar. You may refuse of course; we are not like our enemies who force their will upon others. Make your choices, take D’mond home so she may be at peace.”

Chimera-620x408.jpgMeanwhile Aleanor had brought down a wounded elk but as she started to dress the carcass she was attacked by a three headed beast. Chang and Jedon attacked to support her and although taking damage from claw, horn and acid breath the trio emerged victorious.

Also emerging from the battle was a strange dwarf calling himself Mixnan.

Jedon explored the cave from which the creature had emerged and found a chest. Mixnan, who described himself as a locksmith, opened the chest containing gems, gold and a brace of potions. All returned to the village of Horfid to discuss what to do next and recover from the stresses of the day before.

It was decided to rest the remainder of the day, although Jedon, Aleanor and Chang decided to go hunting first before returning to the Pit the following day.

Ambyrmont 19th 1014

Return to the Pit - Black Bubbles

After a full breakfast they returned to the pit. Jedon investigated the waterways heading out of the pool cavern via the narrow eastern passage then taking the unexplored northern arm of the tunnel. Here they found a strange cave formed of a mixture of intact and burst obsidian bubbles. Trapped in one of the bubbles was a badly burnt figure while gems glimmered in the walls of the cave. Dohrum determined that the floor of the cave was fragile, but it may hold the weight of a lighter companion.

Mixnan took the risk and approached the bubble cautiously before shattering it. The figure inside collapsed into dust leaving behind a scroll tube and a strange spherical gem. Thanduil took the tube and opened it. Inside were two scrolls; one arcane and one mundane. The latter he read out to the others:

My Lord King Jaraddin, The water in the pool is strangely warm; I suspect volcanic material close below the surface. In any case the pump with its power source has been fitted and the guardian has taken up residence. I hope the giants at Festing Helligfjell like the feature we have installed. If not then we will need to blame the gnomes. After all it is their design at the end of the day. The gnomes have mentioned that there is a cavern lined with gems not far from here. When I return to the caves to ensure that the pump is working and has not shaken itself to bits like the last one did, I will check this gem cave out, let's call it a bonus, what's the worst that could happen. Urlik

Return to the Pit - Mushroom Meetings

They then returned to the passage and headed south where they were once more greeted by the leader of the mushroom men who told them of a creature known as the Guardian that dwelt in the deep pool in the entrance chamber.

The companions travelled deeper into the maze of tunnels and came across a strange chamber floored with finely tilled earth. Chang explored the cave and was confronted by a strange creature with three eyes, arms and legs around a huge maw. The beast was friendly however and suggested that they seek out the guardian of the pool.

The Guardian when they found it was a strange creature that dwelt in the pool. Humanoid but with a pale blue skin. It warned them of tarrying in the caves as it had corrupted him and his fellow guardians, which he suggested were the incorporeal undead that the companions had fought previously. He suggested that they seek out the giants that they seek out the giants of Festing Helligfjell or the gnomes that constructed the device that the illithid were so interested in.

With that arning ringing in their ears the companions returned to the inn to prepare for the next day and the journey onwards.

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