Chapter 05: Arrival In Safeharbour

Fyrmont 25th 1014

On arrival at the city of Safeharbour the Flower of the West is boarded by the pilot who carries out a brief investigation. Once he is satisfied that the ship carries no contraband and the passengers are not a threat to Safeharbour's security he lets the ship dock. Dohrum is interested in the huge sea gates, dwarven work, that protect the city, while the others are more intent on getting safely ashore. Much to their annoyance they have to escort the pirates to the local militia house themselves, there being no guards available.

On disembarking they are accosted by street urchins who are eventually scared off by one of Simon's illusions. This draws some of the patrolling militia who take the prisoners and the companions to the Militia House. Meanwhile Arrik and Dohrum go to the aid of a woman who has fainted. It appears that she is the wife of one of the dead crew-members of the All or Nothing. She is distraught and is left in the care of Captain Caduach while Arrik and Dohrum catch up with the others.

Once the business in the Militia House is concluded the companions go to the Three Dragon's Inn where Simon causes a stir by telling the innkeeper's fortune as well as that of Arbet Garch.

Dragons and Slavers

Simon attempts to contact the Lord Kesryk while the others overhear a conversation suggesting that slavers may still be in the city and that the clerics of Koryis may be extorting money from the poor and sick. Dohrum visited to the temple of Koryis and discovers that the Brothers are building an army. They have seen signs that an ancient prophecy may well be about to be fulfilled. At that moment a green dragon is seen to fly around the towers of the Royal Palace, one of the signals of the upcoming prophecy.


The dragon however is nothing more than an illusion cast by Simon Weaver, but why did he cast it? Nevertheless the clerics and many of the townsfolk still believe that this is the beginning of the end. The reappearance of Moredrak the evil one.

Fyrmont 26th 1014

Meanwhile Jedon has gone for a walk around the town and is kidnapped by a group of slavers operating out of the Scarlet Feather brothel. After spending a little time in a dank cellar Jedon manages to escape through the sewers but not before he has a fist fight with a pair of guards.

D'mond, Verlis, Andrinor and Arrik go to find Scardovari a dealer in gems to sell the sapphire in order to raise the money to get Verlis cured of his lycanthropy. However Scardovari drives a hard bargain and the companions have to do him a favour in order to get their gold; distract the guards at Kingsgate to allow him to get his cargo out.
They decide to stage a fight in the Crippled Giant a tavern near the gate. They discover that Zan has a 'bit of history' with the half-giant bouncer that works there. The disruption escalates as planned and guards are drawn away from the gate and Zan gets thrown through a window in the ensuing fracas. However D'mond notices that the guards left at the gate have been killed by Scardovari's agents and with Zan, Arrik, Dohrum, Andrinor and the returning Jedon gives chase.

Simon and Verlis are taken into custody and are only saved from being put to the question by Arbet Garch by the direct intervention of Lord Kesryk. They then follow Symber from the inn to the tracks leading out of the city.
D'mond and the others discover a partially ruined stockade in the forest north of the city guarded archers. They manage to gain entrance, leaving Zan and Dohrum to guard the path beside a spiked pit into which Jedon had earlier fallen. D'mond calls upon the power of the Jubfek Amulet to strike fear into the heart of the slavers within the stockade where they are guarding the cargo of slaves that is awaiting a boat to arrive at a cove to the east. After a bloody battle the slave leader is killed and the fleeing slavers are herded into the pit they themselves constructed. This they did by stripping to their smalls and producing puppets from their armour which they hung from the trees.

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