Chapter 03: The Fall of Heroes

Fyrmont 20th 1014

On the way to Avonmouth they stopped at the Greenwood Inn where a group of rogues started a fight as a distraction. Leaving behind a bottle of poisoned brandy the rogues made their escape. This brandy was passed around and Jedon succumbed to the poison. In a strange dream-world the ranger imagined himself to be a dragon, one of the lords of an ancient city. In the dream he saw the bard Zanzibar and believes that Zan is a traitor and caused the downfall of the city.

Meanwhile the others searched out a druid who had the cure for the poison. The druid turned the rogues into statues and helped cure Jedon of the poison. She could do nothing for D'mond's arm however.


The journey continued and they arrived in Avonmouth. Dohrum went to the temple of Koryis and aided the clerics in the preparations for D'mond's cure, a cure that has cost the party 1000gp. The others stayed in the Dog and Razor, a dockside tavern in the poorer part of town. The following day D'mond was cured and they encounter an angry ship's captain at the docks who they decide to sail with to Safeharbour. But before they can go Simon is kidnapped by agents of the Baron and the others with the aid of Greywort, the half-orc boatman, go to his rescue.

They find Simon in the clutches of Argas, the bandit. Just before they are about to leave Greywort the boatman falls dying through the only door out of the caves. A battle with some of Baron Jubfek's guards ensues during which Crystala and Landor are either captured or killed. The others hide in a secret room that somehow Jedon remembers from his dream in the Greenwood Inn. They emerge into the cellars of the lighthouse and are discovered by the lighthouse keeper who with the aid of captain Caduach and the Jubfek Talisman, which they discover is called Ordana's Ward, they get aboard the captain's ship, 'The Flower Of The West.'

Little did they know that others had been set on their trail.

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