Chapter 02: Baron Jubfek's Talisman

Fyrmont 18th 1014

On returning to Avondale they found that the Mayor and the mage Kesryk were absent and hear that the Baron has put a price on Crystala's head. They visit a Dwarven ale house to hand back some items found in the temple. While most try to remain inconspicuous Jordan gets involved in an arm-wrestling bout with a dwarf and wins! Just then they are urged by Jedon to leave by the back way. Just in time it seems as a band of the Baron's men arrive.

Having evaded the guards with the help of Simon's magics they take up residence at the Bridge Inn. The following day they go their separate ways. Jordan, Dohrum, Crystala and Landrick narrowly avoid death in the market at the hands of a Guild Assassin. The authorities seem to think the target was the merchant but the heroes are suspicious, could the bolt have been meant for Crystala?

They are summoned to the temple of Koryis for a meeting with Rhodoban. There they are surprised to see the Baron who offers them a pardon and a pouch of gold if they retrieve a talisman from the family mausoleum.

The heroes decided to take up the Baron's offer and have spent some time researching the history of the Talisman.


They have now travelled into the woods and found the tomb of the Baron's ancestors. So far all has been plain sailing, the tomb opened easily and they find a stone coffin and a statue of the First Baron, intact bar one thumb. During this they meet Landor an elven cleric of few words.

They investigated the side crypts and encountered a number of animated skeletons, each of which have born a different coloured ring. They find a way into the deeper crypts and descend, much to Jedon's displeasure.

After solving many puzzles and overcoming several dangerous foes they came to the chamber where the first of the Jubfek's lay buried. Here they were given the talisman and told to take it to the First not to the current Baron. Sadly this prize came at a cost. Landrick died at the hands of the skeletal foes and D'mond took a wound that has since become infected.

They left the temple and headed for the town of Avonmouth.

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