Chapter 01: The Return of the Plague

Fyrmont 18th 1014

Some of the heroes meet in the town of Avondale.
Jedon had been orc hunting and was returning to his camp when he was ambushed by a pair of orcs. Crystala was fleeing the Barons guards when she came to Jedon's aid. D'mond had been hired to steal something from a warehouse when the heist went wrong and the building started to burn. Dohrum met the others as they recovered at the temple of Koryis. Crystala was fleeing because she had stabbed the Baron in self-defence after he made unwelcome approaches towards her.


The others were met at a disused mine in the mountains north of Avondale.
Orto, the mad Dwarf, had imprisoned Simon and Delmundo the half-orc wizard who wanted them to produce plague spores. Jordan was used as manual labour by the orcs at the mine to break rocks.

The first group of heroes had been sent on a mission by Rhodoban, the head cleric of the order of Koryis in Avondale. There have been rumours that someone has been trying to spread spores of the Great Plague. There searching led them to an abandoned mine in the heart of the mountains between Avondale and Dal Skyr. There they found Orto, a dwarf, with two mage prisoners who he was trying to persuade to manufacture the plague. His previous mage had escaped but in his bid for freedom fell down an open mine shaft. Some of the PCs had started to explore the bottom of the shaft and found the mages' body along with his spell book which had been used for fire lighters by a hobgoblin that occupied the chamber at the foot of the shaft.

In their exploration of the chamber they uncovered an ancient door that seemed to open onto a long lost tomb. They have decided to ignore this for the present and take Orto back to Avondale for punishment. After resting at Zan's master's cave they returned to Avondale. They were in sight of the town when a group of city guard rode past. They thought they were safe but the guards rode back and ordered Crystala and D'mond to remove their hoods. Crystala pretends to be plague-struck causing the guards to back off. On the way back to the town they were attacked by kobolds but Crystala showed her bravery once more and their assailants were chased off.

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