Below the Bridge

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0: The Entrance

The entrance is set into the wall behind a waterfall that has no dried up. It is concealed by a mat of dried up thorny vines. It can be reached by a worn narrow stair carved into the rock face. The entrance door has a grand and elaborate double door some 10' wide and 20' tall surrounded by a great deal of decorative stonework. The carvings have been heavily weathered but the following details can be made out.
The carvings depict a tall figure, possibly a female giant in voluminous robes, stands to the left of the entrance, on the right a strange creature with the body of a winged bull and the bearded head of a wise-looking human male. The woman wears voluminous robes which in places still show fragments of blue paint, while traces of red remain in her hair. The woman has an ornate ring on her right hand and points to her feet with her left, the bull-man holds a scroll in his right hand with arcane writing on it. The female figure stands on a plinth which is hollow.
The hollow inside contains an ornate golden ring sized for a giant and an arcane scroll.
There are also two levers at the rear of the recess, both are in the down position. Each is labelled in old gnomish. One is labelled "Sharp" and above the lever is the word "Unset" and below "Set", the other is labelled "Light" and again above the lever is the word "Unset" and below "Set".

The doors open inwards but are stiff, needing a strong push to break the grime that has held them shut. Once opened they swing easily and fit back into recesses in the walls.

Beyond the doors is a flight of wide shallow stairs leading down. The desiccated body of a rat lies on a step, long dead from what appears to be a broken back.

1: The Forked Passage

The stairs end at a north-south passage, which turns west at the end of each arm. Taking the southern leg of the passage reveals markings on the floor, walls and ceiling that appear to have been caused by lightning bolts from the fused nature of the stone. At the end Mixnan and Thanduil discover an arcane symbol etched into the floor, this appears to have been disarmed by the levers beneath the statues.

Scrawled onto the walls of the passages, in what appears to be fresh orc blood is the following warning that Thanduil and Victor manage to translate as "Receive your punishment, Expose your throats to my righteous claws"

2: The Locked Chamber

The entrance from the corridor to this chamber was both locked and doubly trapped. Mixnan was able to disarm one trap and pick the lock but missed the second trap causing a cloud of vapour to billow forth and fill the corridor. Fortunately, no one appears to have been affected by the fog. At the centre of this 20' square chamber stands a triangular pillar of grey slate that almost reaches the ceiling. On one surface is the stylized image of mountains, on another is a series of waves while on the third side there is a symbol probably representing a forest. There is another solid-looking wooden door in the south wall of the room.

On their return to the chamber after resting overnight they find that a larger darkling, one that had the day-before evaded them in the magical darkness perhaps, has been killed by his own stone chisel. What it was attempting to do is unclear but there are chips of stone on the floor.

3: The Barricaded Door

More ominous writing in orc blood is crawled across this door, "They place their faith in oaken doors, cower in candlelight."
Inside it appears that the occupants had barricaded the doors with weapons, furniture and armour. Anything they could lay their hands on.
The bodies of several orcs lie scattered amongst the wreckage of this chamber. It is difficult to tell how many orcs as the bodies are so badly dismembered. The floors and walls are sticky with green blood.
It is obvious that the orcs barricaded themselves in and hoped to be safe. It didn't work.
There is an intact pack amongst the debris.

4: The Guarded Library

The Companions disturbed some very rusted and corroded animated suits of armour that acted as guardians of this chamber. Once pacified with the name of their master they allowed the Companions to enter. There are stalactites and roots hanging from the ceiling where water has dripped through cracks in the stone.
The books and scrolls have rotted and faded with age and there is very little left of value. The floor is stained with rust. The animated suits of armour are almost rusted solid and movement is slow and noisy.
There they find amongst the rot and debris a single bone and silver scroll tube containing an ioun stone (blue and scarlet sphere) and a handful of gems [2 x Haematite, 1 Sard, 2 Tourmaline and 1 Alexandrite]. There are also two scrolls; 1 Arcane containing [Plane Shift, Locate Creature and Locate Object] and one Clerical containing [Find the Path, Locate Object, Command]
Both scrolls have some writing hidden amongst the arcane symbols.
"Greetings Thanduil / Dohrum, I hope you find these scrolls useful. I'm sorry I'm not here to give you to them personally but I've been indisposed for some time. Best regards, Danjon Elthard. P.S. In about 5 minutes Victor is going to get in some bother, you may wish to help him."

5: The Enchanted Dining Room

When the Companions first entered this area the table was laid and there was still food on the plates. Further exploration revealed a secret door behind the cupboard leading to a private study (6). A later visit and much manipulation revealed the cupboard to be magical and able to provide the Companions with a hearty supper and a sustaining breakfast.

6: The Secret Study

The door swings open and reveals a twenty-foot by ten-foot chamber illuminated by several sconces lit with a continual flame. At the far end of the chamber is a tapestry in the form of a map showing the Free Isles and the rest of the Western Realms. In front of it are a chair and a desk. On the desk are writing tools and a book. Embossed on the pale blue leather cover are the initials D.E. Thanduil studied the book, there is a bookplate inside the front cover. 'This is the property of Danjon Elthard, 3rd Magister of the 7th Circle'

The book appears to have been little used, most of the pages are blank and those that are used have very little written in them.
'M. Is causing trouble in congress again.', 'There is something wrong with the transit stones, journeys are less reliable.', 'Sigur Stonefist visited today, spoke of issues with the gnomes. They have secrets.', 'I have sent my advisor away, his master is ill and needs aid. At least that is what I told him. I couldn’t tell him what Ar-Bagrinâth told me. He would have stayed then.', 'M visiting tonight, I will seal this room, I don’t trust him.'

When Thanduil and Mixnan returned to the study to search it thoroughly. The map on the wall was particularly interesting. The tapestry is a detailed map of the whole of the Western Realms. There are a few gems stitched into the fabric and silver and gold threads link these gems to each other. One gem is on the Free Isles, one is stitched into the mountains of the Carontine Wall, another on the Jungle Coast while the final one is in the Dark Forest North of Miraz. Thanduil cast Detect Magic upon it and found a trace of Divination magic emanating from the gems.

Thanduil's fingers brushed the gem stitched into the tapestry in the mountains of the Carontine Wall. After a moment his skin prickles and your eyes water as if exposed to the cold biting wind. Dohrum did the same and heard the howling of the wind, or was it just the wind. Mixnan sensed nothing.

7: The Private Chambers of Danjon Elthard, 3rd Magister of the 7th Circle

These rooms comprise a small but well-furnished waiting room, a larger bedroom, a bathroom and a hidden storeroom. On the bed pierced by a large spear is the body of Danjon Elthard. The Companions had encountered a companion of Danjon's by the name of Zersai. He identified the weapon as the Spear of Moreldrak.

Dohrum grasped the spear and tried to pull it free and had a vision:

Scaled hands, green like new growth on pine trees holding the spear, Danjon’s eyes opening not in horror but in acceptance and a surge of anger in your breast as you thrust the weapon down. Striding away from the body, anger and frustration boiling inside, you turn and summon someone towards you, “Follow me, to the stone. The first strike of battle has been struck. The war has begun, with Danjon dead, Ar-Bagrinâth and the others will fall.”

Thanduil then grasped the spear and he too had a vision:

You are flying, high above the ground. There is someone talking to you, shouting above the flap of your wings and the rush of the wind. “Is this wise, master? Ar-Bagrinâth and his followers are legion, we have few allies in the council. If he brings the dwarves to his aid and most of the elven forces too the battle will be short-lived.” The voice is familiar, it is the whine of your chief advisor, you reply but strangely you cannot hear your own words, “The gnomes? What good are they? Trinkets and gewgaws are all they are good for.” You reply soundlessly again, “The ones the giants guard? Those are forbidden, even to you! They will tear the world apart!” You buck fiercely and there is a scream as your advisor falls from your back to the ground far, far below.

Victor then took hold of the spear:

At first nothing happens, then you hear a voice, oily yet melodious, “Hello, who is this? What are you doing?” A massive, green-scaled snout comes into vision within your mind’s eye. “Look around, show me who is with you! He cannot have survived, yet I sense his traitorous presence. SHOW ME!” You fight the terrific will of the weapon’s owner and for a moment you succeed then your head starts turn of its own accord. Then amidst a strange calm, power starts to grow, coming from the holy symbol around your neck, there is a noise like a thousand waterfalls in your ears and then a blazing golden light.

The spear exploded and killed Zersai and badly injured many of the companions.

The bathroom contains a tub that magically fills with steaming, scented water. The treasure chamber, hidden behind a tapestry and discovered by Dohrum's stone-cunning contained two large crates and two chests.
First Chest
a pair of wooden sticks1, about two feet in length and an inch in diameter each with a perpendicular handle a third of the way along. One is made of a very pale almost white wood, the other black as night. There is also a pair of lightweight boots made from white leather with a green flash along the side. At the bottom of the chest in a green velvet bag is a pink rhomboid crystal and a silver ring with a gem in the shape of a shield.
Second Chest
a pair of folded cloaks, one dark blue and spangled with stars the other embroidered with a web-like pattern. Under the cloaks is a heavy clay jar with the dwarven s rune carved into it and a couple of sheets of musical notation.
First Crate
shattered blocks of stone packed in straw.
Second Crate
shattered blocks of stone packed in straw and a parchment scroll tied with red silk.

The stones looked similar to the strange pillars the companions had seen in the vale and in the room near the entrance.

The scroll contained the following, another cryptic message from Danjon Elthard:

“The stones were meant to be used by any of the fey. A simple touch from someone imbued with magic or fey blood and the gateways opened. However, the stones shattered when we tried to use them. They must be tied in some way to the ley-lines that cross at their original position. Whoever moved them knew not what they had broken, or perhaps they did? Ancient even before our time, who created them? I have two left. One has been placed in the old summoning chamber, lines of power meet there I am sure it may work. The other at the fork in the Vale, there are signs that a Travelling Stone once stood there. What will happen if we place a strange one there I don’t know, the symbols are aligned with the traces of power beneath them but do they need to match exactly? Once M visits this evening and we have settled matters I will speak with B and see if he will allow me one more test. The map in my study is incomplete when Zersai returns with my old friend we can plan to search for more. But I worry about the future and what I have seen. I have left gifts for those that will come after us and hope Z will be with them to guide them.”

On returning to search the room Chang found a piece of parchment stuffed at the back of a drawer, which had otherwise been ransacked a long time ago.

The writing is in a hand similar to the notes left by Danjon, “Read Magic is the key. A strong mind can tread other paths. There are destinations other than those on the signposts.”

8: Guest Quarters

Danjon obviously expected guests at frequent intervals and has provided a separate suite of rooms for them. Four bedrooms, a dining room and a bath similar to the one in his own chamber. Victor found that the bath restored his wounds and other damage by simply soaking in it.

9: The Stairs

One of the fleeing darklings died trying to open this door. Beyond lies a dark corridor and a staircase that leads downwards into deeper darkness.

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