Below the Bridge

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0: The Entrance

The entrance is set into the wall behind a waterfall that has no dried up. It is concealed by a mat of dried up thorny vines. It can be reached by a worn narrow stair carved into the rock face. The entrance door has a grand and elaborate double door some 10' wide and 20' tall surrounded by a great deal of decorative stonework. The carvings have been heavily weathered but the following details can be made out.
The carvings depict a tall figure, possibly a female giant in voluminous robes, stands to the left of the entrance, on the right a strange creature with the body of a winged bull and the bearded head of a wise-looking human male. The woman wears voluminous robes which in places still show fragments of blue paint, while traces of red remain in her hair. The woman has an ornate ring on her right hand and points to her feet with her left, the bull-man holds a scroll in his right hand with arcane writing on it. The female figure stands on a plinth which is hollow.
The hollow inside contains an ornate golden ring sized for a giant and an arcane scroll.
There are also two levers at the rear of the recess, both are in the down position. Each is labelled in old gnomish. One is labelled "Sharp" and above the lever is the word "Unset" and below "Set", the other is labelled "Light" and again above the lever is the word "Unset" and below "Set".

The doors open inwards but are stiff, needing a strong push to break the grime that has held them shut. Once opened they swing easily and fit back into recesses in the walls.

Beyond the doors is a flight of wide shallow stairs leading down. The desiccated body of a rat lies on a step, long dead from what appears to be a broken back.

1: The Forked Passage

The stairs end at a north-south passage, which turns west at the end of each arm. Taking the southern leg of the passage reveals markings on the floor, walls and ceiling that appear to have been caused by lightning bolts from the fused nature of the stone. At the end Mixnan and Thanduil discover an arcane symbol etched into the floor, this appears to have been disarmed by the levers beneath the statues.

Scrawled onto the walls of the passages, in what appears to be fresh orc blood is the following warning that Thanduil and Victor manage to translate as "Receive your punishment, Expose your throats to my righteous claws"

2: The Locked Chamber

The entrance from the corridor to this chamber was both locked and doubly trapped. Mixnan was able to disarm one trap and pick the lock but missed the second trap causing a cloud of vapour to billow forth and fill the corridor. Fortunately, no one appears to have been affected by the fog. At the centre of this 20' square chamber stands a triangular pillar of grey slate that almost reaches the ceiling. On one surface is the stylized image of mountains, on another is a series of waves while on the third side there is a symbol probably representing a forest. There is another solid-looking wooden door in the south wall of the room.

3: The Barricaded Door

More ominous writing in orc blood is crawled across this door, "They place their faith in oaken doors, cower in candlelight."

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