Battle at the Howe


Each Hex is 20' across - click on the map to embiggen
Initiative order:

  • Jedon
  • Thanduil
  • Chang
  • Dohrum
  • Orc-Centaurs
  • Centaurs
  • Mixnan
  • Victor

Round 1

Chang found a strange defaced statue of a gnome, its eyes having been gouged out on top of the Howe. meanwhile, Thanduil had found a Phase Door hidden by an illusion at the southern end of the mound.

Round 2

Chang found a plinth on the top of the Howe while Mixnan disturbed a weasel in its lair. Further investigation revealed a second statue, this one missing a tongue.
Jedon spotted a group of creatures heading rapidly towards you, a corrupted form of a centaur, a mix of orc and horse.

Round 3

With three statues on the plinth, Thanduil continues searching for the fourth while Chang remains on guard. The scrawny orc-centaur launches a fireball at the party engulphing Jedon, Victor, Featherlock, and Stormhoof in flames.
The largest of the orc centaurs charges towards the Howe while another volley of arrows falls upon the party but only one hits home - Featherlock again the victim.

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